Thursday, March 02, 2006


Ingredients : -
1.Vermicelli 1 cup
2.Vegetables finely cut ½ cup (beans, carrot, peas, cauliflower)
3.Onion 1
4.Tomato 1
5.Ginger finely chopped ¼ tsp
6.Lemon juice (Optional)
7.Salt to taste
8.Water 1 ½ cups
9.Turmeric Powder little
10.Hing little

Seasonings: -
1.Mustard seeds ¼ tsp
2.Urad dal ¼ tsp
3.Channa dal ¼ tsp
4.Curry leaves one string
5.Slit green chillies 2
6.Dry red chilli 1

Garnishing: -
Coriander leaves
Fried cashew nuts.

1.Fry vermicelli with ¼ tsp ghee in slow flame till light brown.
2.Pour oil in a kadai, heat it.
3.Season with the ingredients.
4.Fry onion till soft , add all the vegetables except tomato.
5.Sprinkle turmeric powder, salt, and pour water.
6.Let water boils, then add tomato pieces fried vermicelli mix thoroughly
7.Keep close with a lid for 5 minutes in slow fire.’
8.Squeeze lemon juice, garnish with coriander leaves and cahew nuts.
Serve this hot with coconut chutney.
This itself is a perfect meal that young and old can enjoy.


Langhini said...

A small suggestion,
When water is added while cooking, there is a chance that the upma becomes soggy. To avoid that there is an easy step.
1. After frying the semiya, put it in a large bowl of boiled water for 3-4mins.
2. Filter it and wash with cold water
3. Add little oil and mix it to avoid sticking together.
4. Now just mix with other ready garnishing stuff and cook for 2mins.

Upma ready!

Menu Today said...

Hi Langhini,
Thanks for your suggestion.
When you are starting your posts?

Anonymous said...

very very nice to make a perfect rava upma? soft and non lumpy and non soggy?..thanks