Friday, March 24, 2006


Rawa Kesari

We had a party last week. Sorry could not invite you all :-). So I give you all a Visual treat.

My friends asked me to make some sweet for the party. I decided to make Kesari. Kesari is part of the SKC party ie., Sweet, Karam (Spicy Bajjis), Coffee since it had been made quickly and also can stay for a day or two, if refrigerated.

As you know, Kesari is a Sweet made out of Sooji (Rawa / Semolina) with Ghee and Sugar and Garnished with nuts….

Kesari is prepared with:

1. Rawa ( Sooji ) 1 cup
2. Sugar 1 ½ cup
3. Ghee 5 tsp
4. Elaichi 2 made into powder
5. Food Colour - Orange pinch..
6. Water 2 ¾ cups


1. Cashew - 7
2. Kismiss (Raisins) 12 to 15
3. Badam Optional sliced. 3 (Almonds)
4. Kesar, Saffron 2 to 3 stings


- Heat kadai with 1 tsp ghee and fry cashew, raisins and keep aside.
- Fry rawa in that ghee till you get the nice aroma of the fried rawa.
- Now, add boiling water to that rawa and cook .
- Add food colour, mix well.
- Mix the sugar with cooked sooji, (rawa) .
- Thoroughly mix without allowing it form lumps.
- Now add another 2 tsp of Ghee, it will give glossy look.
- When it is not sticking add remaining ghee, garnishing, saffron and elaichi powder,
- Mix well and set in a ghee greased plate, after cooling slice the kesari into required shape.
- Serve Hot or Cold.

* As told earlier, Kesari's best friends are Onion, Raw Banana, Cauliflower, Potato Bajjis and Of course a cup of Hot Coffee. *

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