Monday, March 20, 2006

SeppanKilangu (Colocaesia Yam ) Fry

Seppankilngu fry:

{Colocaesia in English and Arbi in Hindi}

My son likes this porial very much. He keeps on asking me to make this dish for him and for his friends.
This Version makes generally Sticky vegetable into Crispy, Delicious Curry.

Items needed for this:

a) Seppankilangu ½ kg
b) Oil ¼ cup
c) Salt to taste
d) Chilli powder ½ tsp
e) Hing Little
f) Curry leaves few
Serves 2 persons.
Preparing of Kilangu varuval
Wash 2 to 3 timese Seppankilangu and boil it nicely.
Peel of the skin and cut in to small pieces and keep it aside.
Heat oil in a kadai , add little (handful) of boiled kilangu every time
Fry it till crisp, follow the same procedure for remaining kilangu.
Fry curry leaves and add it to the kilangu varuval.
Make a powder combined of chilli powder, salt and hing.
Sprinkle this powder on kilangu varuval after frying.
This goes well as an accompaniment to Rice with Onion Sambar, Rice with Tomato Rasam.
* No one can stop with few.….


Shalini said...

good one.. i also love this one, but a little variation is that you can coat the kilangu with the masalas and leave them for abt an half hour and then fry it... will taste great...

Menu Today said...

Hi Shalini,

It will be very crispy like chips and consumes less oil.

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Anonymous said...

A small change may be by using a thick pan... wash,boil,peel and cut the colocaesia into bite size pieces...In a thick bottom pan add little oil and add mustard seeds and let it splatter add curry leaves and turmeric.., now add the cubed pieces keep turning them every couple of minutes so they get roasted evenly once evenly roasted add salt and chilli powder with a pinch of asafoetida powder and coat evenly... can be seved with rice,roti's,dosa etc......