Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mint Rice

This is a perfect lunch box, pot luck recipe.!!!!!!!!!

MINT RICE (Pudhina Rice)
Items Needed:
1. Cooked rice : 2 cup (Long grain rice preferred)
2. Fresh mint leaves : 1 ½ cup (cleaned and washed)
3. One small bunch of coriander leaves ( optional)
4. Green chillies 3 to 4
5. Tomato small size one
6. Garlic flakes 2
7. Salt to taste
8. Onion finely chopped ¾ cup

1. Oil or Ghee 2 table spoon
2. Cashew nuts.(optional)
3. Mustard seeds:½ tsp

Method of preparing mint rice.
Heat kadai with ½ tsp of oil and fry tomato, slit green chillies, Mint leaves, coriander leaves and garlic. (leaves should shrink nicely)
Cool and grind into paste adding salt.
Again heat kadai with remaining oil , season with the ingredients.
Fry onion in slow fire till soft.
Now this is the correct time to add cooked rice, grinded paste.
Mix thoroughly, check the salt.

Mouth watering mint rice is ready!!!

Variation :
1. Use coriander alone and make this rice.
2. While frying onion adding handful of green peas gives rich look.
3. Add little salt to the rice while cooking.It helps to absorb the taste fully.

This dish I learnt from my friend SM. Thank You Mrs. S M Raj!!!


Ashwini said...

I love both cilantro and mind rice. They are so aromatic and easy to prepare

Puspha said...

I've never came across mint rice before. I love the colour of the rice. Very fresh looking.

Where in SG do u live? I'm from MY now living in Switzerland.