Monday, March 13, 2006

Pink Pal Payasam

Pal payasam

Payasam is everybody’s favorite dish.
It can be prepared for party’s, functions and on auspicious days.
Here I am posting the method of making Pink Pal Payasam.
Ingredients:1. Milk 1 litre. (Full Cream Milk)
2. Sugar  150 to 160 gms
3. Water 1 cup (120ml)
4. Rice 4 tablespoon (preferred Basmati rice)

1. Elaichi 3 made in to powder
2. Badam, Cashew, Pistachios finely cut - 4 tablespoons.
3. Saffron 3 to 4 strings
Use thick bottomed pressure cooker with vent.
1. Boil Milk - adding water .
2. Add the washed and cleaned rice in boiling milk.
3. Keep the pressure closed and cook in slow fire for 35 to 40 minutes. (no whistle required).
4. After the pressure has cooled down open the cooker.
Mix thoroughly, boil for 5 minutes in medium flame.
5. This is the time to add Sugar and cook for another 10 minutes.
6. Garnish with Saffron, Elaichi powder, Dry fruits etc..

Now the Pink Pal Payasam is ready. The secret behind the color is the “slow cooking of the milk.”

7. Serve Hot or Chill.

This payasam takes lot of effort and time, but the taste of this effort is very Sweet and enjoyable.
Points to Note:-

1. If the payasam is not cooked sufficiently, it would smell of milk.
2. If you add more rice, the payasam will be thick.


Devagi Sanmugam said...

Hi there,
I am puzzled. Is this payasam meant to be sweet? If so why are you using only 50-60 g sugar. Isn't TOO little for a dessert even if you want to cut down the sugar? please enlighten me.
Vist my blog

Menu Today said...

Thanks for pointing out, Devagi.
It should have been about 100gms.
No wonder u r an excellent cook!!!!

spicehut said...


Thanks for linking my blog. Will put ur link on my blog too.

Annita said...

I really had a nice time browsing your blog.Really cool recipes...

Ashwini said...

I love payasam. Thanks for the recipe

Menu Today said...

Hi All,
Thanks.I too love payasam!!!!

annu said...

hats off to your delicious payasam. My family loves it. Thanks.

Menu Today said...

Hi Annu,
Nice to note that your family enjoyed this payasam.Thanx for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...


I tried making the payasam, the taste is good but it did not get the pink color :(. I was hoping at least with this recipe I can make pink payasam which my family likes a lot :(
Is there anything special that I need to do to get this color?? I followed the recipe regarding the time, slow fire etc but the milk was still white at the end of it. If you can give any tips it will be good


Menu Today said...

Hi Shruti,
By following this method it will come nice pink colour.One more suggestion from me, After adding sugar , pressure cook the payasam for another 10 min more.
Cook directly in the pressure cooker.
Please try this way and let me know the out come of payasam.

Shruti said...


I got a chance to try this only last week but still no luck :(
I have tried your tip as well. I had one question though. When cooking the payasam in the pressure cooker on slow fire, do we have to place the whistle on top even though no whistle will come?


Menu Today said...

Hi Shruti,
Yes, you have to keep whistle.

Bhavani said...

Thank u for sharing a wonderful recipe. I love paal payasam. I tried u'r recipe. I used 3L cooker for 1Ltr of milk. But the milk was bubbling out as it wud come for pongal. Shud i keep much bigger cooker.

Menu Today said...

Hi Bhavani,
Please put inside one spoon or one small steel cup. It helps milk to boil with out bubbling out...

Anonymous said...


when i tried also milk was spilling out later only i read comments n saw ur comment to put a steel spoon. u also wrote in the recipe, whistle is not required
please add tips in the recipe. everyone need not read comments