Monday, December 11, 2006

Red Onion Chutney

Red Onion Chutney

(/) Another Chutney/Thuvayal recipe. (/)

You need these ingredients:-

Ingredients Needed
1. Onion (Red) chopped roughly 4
2. Salt to taste
3. Oil 2 tsp
4. Tamarind - Small marble size
5. Dry Red Chillies - 7 (according to taste)
6. Gud (Jaggery) - little
7. Urad Dal 2 tablespoons.

1. In Oil, fry Urad dal, Red chillies till golden brown and keep it aside.
2. Fry chopped Onion pieces with tamarind till transparent.
3. Cool and grind it with salt and Jaggery coarsely.

Temper some Mustard seeds in Oil and pour over the Chutney. (Optional)

(\) Good to Eat and a Great Accompaniment to Dosas, Idlis etc.


Vini K said...

Hi MT,I make this chutney too,but without the jaggery.I bet the jaggery gives it a nice taste..will try this one.

Asha said...

Hello MT! Red onion chutney looks soooo good.I am saving all your recipes these days!:))

rooma said...

nice chutney MT!!! Must try out soon!!!

Krithika said...

I love this. I usually mix leftover with rice and eat it. Thanks for sharing

Sandeepa said...

Thanks MT, I think this is the red chutney they give in South Indian restaurants with Dosa/idli. Never could figure out what it was. We even thought maybe it's tomato :)

Thanks so much for sharing

Seema said...

nice chutney recipe MT. Onion chutney without coconut is new to me.Will try it your way next time

indosungod said...

MT onion chutney makes my mouth water, it is one of my favorite chutneys.

Menu Today said...

hi Vini,
Jaggery balances the taste.
Please try this version next time.

Hi Asha,
I am honoured by your kind words. Thanksa lot.

Hi Rooma,
Please do let me know. Thanks.

Hi Kirthika,
I too love this. Thanks.

Menu Today said...

Hi Sandeepa,
In Restaurants they use both tomato and onion. Even they add grated coconut.I posted that chutney also.

Hi Seema,
Thank u so much.

I love this chutney with hot idlis.

Lakshmi said...

love this chutney MT

Priya said...

The chutney looks yummyyy MT, will try it this week :-)

Priya said...

The chutney looks yummyyy MT, will try it this week :-)

Inji Pennu said...

Hi MT, is it red big onions or shallots in this recipe?

Menu Today said...

Hi Inji,
I used big red onions.Try this u will love it. Thanks

Mallika said...

Lovely recipe... I think this would be great with crisps and nachos at Christmas.