Monday, December 18, 2006

Fruit Cookies
Baking has not been tried well by me.
So, I recently bought a small OTG.
Maiden item with this is the Fruit Cookies that I post here.
These cookies are made without eggs

Fruit Cookies

Here is the procedure for Fruit Cookies:

Ingredients Needed:
1. Self Raising Flour 5 cups (sieve and measure)
2. Butter 4 cups (Room temperature)
3. Sugar Powder 3-1/2 cups
4. Vannila Essence
5. Fruit Mix 3 table spoons.
6. Salt a Pinch

1. In a Big bowl, take butter and sugar powder and beat well in one direction.
2. When it becomes soft and creamy, add essence and fruit mix.
3. Now, Gradually add self raising powder to make like chappathi dough.
4. Take a small lemon size dough, flatten it and arrange in the Baking tray. (Leave some gap in between cookies.)
5. Bake in preheated oven in 150C for 12 to 14 mins.
6. Cool and store in an air tight container.

~~ Hot Tea with Home made Cookies liven up your weekend evenings. ~~

Note: No need to add any baking soda or powder to the dough. Self raising flour itself contains baking powder.


Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi MT,
cookies look very delicious..fruit cookies?? sure you and ur family must have enjoyed with hot tea:-)...thanks for sharing them

Vini K said...

Hi Mt,cookies look great.must try these soon.And I think baking is like other cooking too,once you get the hang of it,you can bake pretty much anything.GOod that you bought an OTG.goodluck with your baking!:))

Asha said...

Looks good for a not very good baker!:D Almost like scones, but smaller.Great job.Enjoy!

Anupama said...

Hi MT, I like your fruit cookies very much. Just one question, why is the font on your blog so tiny?

Krithika said...

Looks fantastic ! great idea to use dried fruits. great effort !

Sri said...

Fruit cookies look with for evening tea.Thank You.

mandira said...

The cookies look delicious MT. I'm going to try it with dried fruits :)

Mythreyee said...

thanks a wonderul recipe you have shared. thanks.

jayakarthik said...

ohhh so many sweets for a day
its cookies time i believe
very obvious though
wish i could eat it frm the screen

Lakshmiammal said...

Hi MT ,
I used to make these (no fruit) in India with a sand layered cooker method.Love the buttery taste! Great for tea time!right?

Menu Today said...

Hi Meena,
Thank u so much.

Hi Vini,
Please do let me know the out come of it. Thanks for your kind words.

Hi Asha,
Thanks a lot for your kind words.

Hi Anupama,
With normal fornt only I posted it. I will try to rectify this soon. Thanks.

Hi Kirthika,
Thanks a lot.

Hi Sri, Mandira,Mythreyee, Jaya, LakshmiAmmal,
Thanks a lot.

KrishnaArjuna said...

Great looking fruit cookies.. nice treat for the holiday season!

rooma said...

Wow!!! eggless cookies!!!! nice recipe Mt :)

USHA said...

Hi MT,
Cookies looks deliciopus, that too with fruit combo...Wow!!!

Nidhi said...


Nice looking cookies...good job.

Happy Holidays.

Cheers, Nidhi.

Priya said...

Hey MT, the cookies look yummy, perfect for a light snack in the evenings, love anything with fruit mixes :-)

I made your onion chutney to accomapny some dosa's for the weekend breakfast. It was really yummy, Thank you !!

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Looks yummy .Wish could have a bite.