Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vanilla Choco Burfi

Vanilla Choco Burfi

Are you looking to make a Sweet that shall surprise everyone at the Party?
Here goes A two layered burfi with Maida that shall bring you to the limelight.

Ingredients Needed:
1. Maida 1 cup
2. Milk Powder 2 table spoons
3. Sugar 1-1/2 cups
4. Water 1 cup
5. Ghee 1/2 cup + 2 Tsp
6. Cocoa Powder or Any Chocolate Drink Powder 2 tablespoons.
7. Vanilla Essence few drops

1. Fry Maida in ghee till you get its good aroma. ( On Slow fire)
2. Add Milk Powder to it and divide it to 2 portions.
3. In a thick bottomed vessel make Sugar syrup [Sugar 1/2 portion and water 1/2 cup till 2 string consistency.] and Switch off.
4. Mean time grease a plate and keep it aside.
5. In the Sugar syrup [No need to cook or heat further] mix One portion of Maida, add few drops of Essence and Mix briskly.
6. When it becomes a whole lump, add One Spoon of Ghee and pour this on a greased plate. Level it well.
7. In the same Vessel, add remaining Sugar and make Syrup of 2 string consistency.
8. Now, In Sugar Syrup add Cocoa powder, the second portion of Maida, add few drops of Essence and Mix thoroughly.
9. Now spread this lump on top of White layer.
10. Level it with a little amount of Ghee.
11. While it is still hot, Cut into pieces of any required shape.12. Decorate it with Badam slices.

}{Colourful burfi in just 45 minutes. }{
This is My Submisssion for VCCQ3 Festival Foods By VKN MYDHABA


Foodie's Hope said...

WOW!! MT, are you still in the Diwali mood!:)) Looks great,my kids would love these! Thanks girl...

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Thanks a lot for your quick comment...

Krithika said...

What a lovely burfi ! MT, you know so many varieties of sweets. Thanks for sharing

mandira said...

this looks delicious. I remember eating a similar version in jaipur while visiting relatives!

Menu Today said...

Hi Kirthika,
In my house everybody like sweets.
Thank you so much kirthia, keep visiting.

Hi Mandira,
I always prefer making sweets at home.Thanks.

Linda said...

Oh, MT - it looks so tempting!! I am trying to stay away from the sweets now, but I might have to try this one soon :) Thanks for sharing!

Deepa Cooks said...

Hi MT,
the burfi looks very tasty.thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

dear madam,
thanks for the sweet recipe!it looks delicious.will try soon.

Priya S&S said...

Looks delicious MT and seems to be very easy too.

USHA said...

Hi Asha,

This is my first comment in your site....After visiting your site i felt all receipes as my mom preparation...most of your receipes replicate my mom's preparation
I just make your site as my dictionary.

Menu Today said...

Hi Linda,
Yes, you will like it. Thank u soo mcuh.

Hi Deepz,
Thanks a lot.

Please do let me know when you make this. Thanks.

Menu Today said...

Hi Priya,
Yes,this sweet is very easy to make. Keep visiting. Thanks.

Hi Usha,
Thanks for your comment.I follow my mother and MIL Method of cooking.

Manju Bansal said...

You seems to be expert in making burfi

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I tried it and it tastes like heaven !! WOW!!! It's like totally awesome!! I am gonna make one more !! It tastes sooooo goood !!!!! You are sooo clever !! Where did ya get the recipe from? It tastes!!1

Lakshmi said...

wow, looks delicious, first of all have to get cocoa powder have to try this out.

Menu Today said...

Hi Manju,
I like to make diff.types of sweets. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

Happy to know that you made it and liked it very much. Thanks.

Hi lakshmi,
You can make this sweet with any chocolate drink powder also. Thanks.

TS said...

Nice presentation...what a great looking dessert!


jayshree said...

Thatz a nice one MT. I usually add choco to the whole portion. Nice variation here.Thnx.

Lera said...

Wow! MT, what a delicious sweet that's looking so great.Thanks for sharing!

Menu Today said...

Hi Trupti,
Thank u so much for visiting my blog.

Hi Jayashree,
I like burfi with chocolate.Thanks.

Hi lera,
Thanks a lot. Keep visiting.

Mythreyee said...

Very nice recipe. I want to try it. Looks delicious.

SR said...

Hi, this is a brilliant idea. I made this y'day as today is our Wedding Anniversary!! OMG, it came out really good and taste is awesome. Hubby liked it and Kids loved it too. The one change I had done is, I added 'Rose' essense instead of Vanilla, So I called it Rose Choco Burfi! : ) Anyway thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe and if you don't mind I am going to share the recipe with my net friends?!! I have added you to my favorites the day I found this recipe itself and hope to visit you regularly.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand something. you have mentioned half cup and 2 tsp of ghee but you haven't mentioned where to add that qty in method. we should fry maida in how much qty of ghee??secondly in step 6, you have mentioned 1 spoon of ghee. what about the rest of the ghee (half cup and another 1 tsp)?? and in step 8, there is no mention of ghee for the second sugar syrup. pls clarify. thanks.

Menu Today said...

Hi ,
1.In step one please use 1/2 cup ghee to fry maida.

2. In Step 6 use 1 tsp of ghee to get as lump.

3. In step 8, no need to add ghee, while leveling use 1 tsp of ghee to get smooth texture on top.

Thanks once again for trying .Please do let me know the outcome of it.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot. i will let you know how it turned out.

Anonymous said...

hi, i made this sweet. it came out very very well. it is going to be one of the depaawali sweets.thanks again.

willson said...

Hello... Thanks for the nice recipe... Please let me know if I can substitute milk powder by "milk" in this preparation ... and if yes, what changes I will have to make... Thanks.... Please reply

Anonymous said...

Tried today for Diwali in advance. Only one problem, by the time, finished the second portion(coco, the previous plain maida got dry and had to press little hard to make them stick together, why is that? Or, is there any other option to avoid this problem? I am wondering how come no one faced this problem?