Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Diwali Legiyam

Diwali Legiyam (Diwali Medicine).

Diwali Celebrations are coming to a close. Hope everyone enjoyed the Diwali feasts and treats with family and friends. Too much of feasting may follow with fasting due to stomach upsets, for a few. Thats why in our Diwali tradition its good to include something that can prevent this.

Clockwise: Longpepper, Jeera, Dhania, Cardamom,
Black Pepper, Ajwain, Dry ginger in centre
There comes the Diwali legiyam, part of our tradition, that is good for digestion. For family and visitors when we serve the Diwali treats, a small lump of this Legiyam is also served so that they have this legiyam first and enjoy treats unthinking of any worries. [In tamil as we say, Virundhukku mun Marundhu or Medicine before Feast.] It has a strong spicy/sweet/sour taste.

My Diwali Sweets and Savouries:- Badam Halwa, Vanilla Chocoloate Burfi,
Maa Ladoo, Mixture, Mullu Murukku,
Ribbon Pakkoda and Diwali Legiyam in centre.

Here goes the Ingredients Needed:
1. Pepper 2 tsp
2. Jeera 2-1/2 tsp
3. Ajwain (Omam) 1/4 cup
4. Kandanthippili 10 sticks
5. Coriander Seeds 2-1/2tsp
6. Dry Ginger (Sukku) small piece
7. Ghee 3 tsp
8. Gingely Oil 4 tsp
9. Jaggery (For 1 portion of paste, 1 portion of gud)
10. Elaichi Powder
11. Honey.

1. Soak 1 to 6 items in warm water for 2 hours.
2. Grind into a smooth paste
3. Cook this paste, till good smell comes.
4. Pour little water on jaggery and cook till it melts.
5. Filter it, cook again for 5 minutes.
6. Add the paste on Jaggery and cook by pouring some oil and ghee.
7. When it leaves the sides, switch off.
8. Add honey and elaichi powder mix well.

Source: My Mother


KrishnaArjuna said...

You display all those goodies and you present an antidote as well..what more can we wish for :-)

Those diwali pictures are beautiful, wish I was there..

jayshree said...

MT, So true diwali marundhu is a must. Thnx for the not so common recipe. Though I donot get all these ingredients, sure will use it in future. Nice tempting display of goodies !!

Krithika said...

MT, idu anyayam !! Diwali marundhu is my favorite. She made a similar marundhu after I had delivered my twins. Yours looks very authentic. Diwali treats look fabulous.

Krithika said...

Ooops ! What I meant was my mother made a similar marundhu after I delivered my twins

Foodie's Hope said...

Oh MT! You can't imagine how badly we need that medicine girl!:D
More goodies look yummy, right now I am off all Indian sweets and snacks!:)

Thank you for these!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

mt...nice pictures...and viruduku mandu as we say in telugu almost equalant to tamil saying i think:-)..nice recipe for healthy leaving should try must...thanks for sharing

Vani said...

The Diwali spread looks so good, MT! I didn't know about the digestive medicine. I always say, there is wisdom in many of our traditional practices. This is definitely one of them!

indosungod said...

MT Diwali goodies look great, I guess the Legiyam is handy to have anytime.

Hema said...


I posted the recipe for marundu as well:) Yours looks good. As Krithika said, it is very good for nursing moms and one of the essentials in our custom. Thanks for your version.

Anonymous said...

yr array of diwali treats looks amazing!!can u pls post the recipe for the vanilla chocolate burfi,pls?

Menu Today said...

Hi KA,
You are invited to next diwali.

Hi Jayshree,
Thanks a lot.
Hi Kirthika,
Wait for my parcel!!! My mother used to make with 22 naattu marundu.

Hi Asha,
Thank u so much..That is only visual treat. How can you stay away for long,I cannot!!!
Hi Meena,
Please try this when you find time.Thanks.
Hi Vani, Indosungod,
Yes, you r right...

Menu Today said...

Hi Hema,
You added many ingredients, I have added only the important ones. Your Marundu looks perfect..Thanks for sharing.

Sure, I will post after some time. Thanks

Latha said...

Wow Menutoday! Wonderful bhakshanam! Wish I could reach out to eat soem :-)
Hope you guys had a great Diwali. Your Singapore pictures were so lovely! Never been to Singapore, but planning to make a trip soon. My cousin has been inviting us for a long time. Should make the trip during Diwali to see those festivities!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Your diwali legiam is almost same as my mothers recipe! I could'nt post many recipes due to various problems at home. Loved all your entries for the festival event dear!:))

Anonymous said...

For the first time made diwali marundhu with your recipe and it came perfect ! Hope you all had a bright and sparkly diwali ...

- Annapoorani