Sunday, October 15, 2006

::> Jangiri is a traditional Indian sweet made with Urad dal and maida.
::> Jangri is deep fried in oil/ghee and soaked in sugar syrup.::> Jangiri has a flavour of Saffron and Rose. Ingredients Needed:1. Urad dal 1 cup
2. Raw Rice 1 table spoons
3. Maida flour 2 tablespoons.
4. Food colour (Orange ) 3 pinch
5. Sugar 1-1/2 cups
6. Water 1/2 cup
7. Saffron 4 to 5 strings
8. Oil or Ghee for deep frying
9. Jangiri Rit (Thick, Square cloth with small hole in Center)
10. Rose essence or Rose Water little.

Jangiri Frying

Method:1. Wash and soak Rice and Urad dal for 20 minutes.
2. Grind it, in Wet grinder without adding water. (Just sprinkle water).Minimum for 30 mins.
3. Lastly add food colour and maida.
4. Take a bowl of water and put this mixture in water. (It will float.)
5. Heat Oil/Ghee in a flat pan in moderate heat.
6. Make sugar syrup, 1/2 string consistency, add food colour, Saffron and Rose essence and keep it aside.
7. Take Jangiri rit, put some grinded batter and make one big circle and in that circle make small continuous rings.
8. Deep fry in oil, without changing its colour and tansfer this jangiri to sugar syrup.
9. Make another Jangiri and when putting this batch in the sugar syrup, take out the earlier batch of Jangiri and keep aside.
10. Serve Hot or Cold.

# Hot or Cold, Morning or Night, Jangiri is Cool and enjoyable. #
Note: Enjoy it the same day, preferably. Does not last long for more than couple of days, even when refrigerated.

This is My Submission for JFI#7 hosted by Past Presenet and Me


Pavani said...

Hi Menu Today,
Jhangris for Diwali.. delicious. Have never tried them at home and your recipe looks simple enough. Thanks for sharing. Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali.

jayshree said...

MT, Jhangiris looks sooooooooo delicious I can have them all. Been long since I had one :(. May be I will try at home after diwali. Thnx.

Priya Bhaskaran said...

MT, Jalabes looks gorgeous:)
Two quick questions.. can I make with Urad flour and rice flour?
" Take a bowl of water and put this mixture in water. (It will float.)" is it ok to put the mixture in water and deep fry in oil-- my doubt is if it has water while frying--- usually the oil with burn out, I am always sacred about urad dal frying in oil--do let me know-- I might do this for diwali--btw thanks for sharing:) I have bookmarked it:)

Priya said...

WOW ...they look soo juicy...I have been missing this sweet since I came here. You have loads of patience to try these out MT, I always get scared to try them out thinking they are complicated. I would lve to make them for Deepavali, and like Priya has asked can I use urad dal and rice flour instead..??
Thank you sooo much for the posting the recipe and encouraging us all to try them :-)

Mallugirl said...

Its getting festive on the blogs. Difficult to stay off sweets from now on.i have never these kind of sweets, always sticking to the puddings and payasams, as i am scared of not getting these right.

Menu Today said...

Hi Pavani,
One more time I am going to make for diwali. Thanks. Wish you the same.

Hi Jayashree,
Yes, you can have everything. Please try and let me know the outcome of it.

Hi Priya, Priya
For your info, with readymade flour it will never come nice.
If it floats in water, then the consistency of grinded batter is correct.
While making jangiris, jangiri cloth will absorb the excess water.

Si Shaheen,
It is a typical south Indian snack. If time permits please try some of the sweets. I think I will gain more weight after festive season.

Foodie's Hope said...

I was waiting for this , MT!! Looks as good as they came from the sweet mart!! Thank you so much! I will dftly make this at home! I prefer this actually to Jabebi anytime!!

Happy Diwali , MT!! *HUGS*

Vee said...

Oh wow...That looks scrumptious. Can't wait to try it. Hey, If you don't have a Jhangris rit, An empty ketchup bottle with the top on works...

Thank you for Participating!!!

KrishnaArjuna said...

Wow jangiri looks delicious! Hats off to our patience oh mighty one!!
Now can I invite myself over for a couple of jangiri's?

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Thanks a lot. Wish u the same.

Hi Vee,
Yes, your method will work out. But jangiri comes little thin.Thanks.

You are always welcome.My first attempt was failure, this is my next attempt.Thanks

nayana said...

Jhangiris look awesome...yummmy

Saffron said...

Oh my! you have outdone yourself :) Jhangris look amazing!!! well done!!


Monica said...

the jelibi looks really yum, I am going to explore your site, lot of interesting recipe :) Have added you in my blogroll. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Menu Today,

Your Jhangiris look awesome. One of my favorite sweet. Ur jhangiris look juicy and yummy. Would like to try it at home but i dont have a Jhangris rit i am in US so can u tell me where can i find it or please give me any other alternative. Planning to make it for Diwali. Thank you and

Happy Diwali to u and all ur family members.



Krithika said...

Delicious jangiri. Looks very professional. Will definitely try this. Thank you so much for sharing. MT, I have tagged you for a MEME.

Cooking Memoir said...

Hi MT,

Nice jangris. I like to eat one once in a while, so i don't think i will make it, but shall save the recipe.

Happy Deepavali.

Menu Today said...

Hi Nayana,
Thank u so much for visiting my blog.

Hi Saffron,
Thanks a lot. Wishing you and your family "Happy Diwali".

Hi Joe,
You can use cake icing cloth to make this sweet,Please do let me know the result. Thanks.

Hi Kirthika,
Please try and let me know.I Think I will take some more time to update MeMe.Thanks.

Hi Cooking Memories,
Thanks lot. Wish u the same.

mandira said...

the jangris look gorgeous. perfect treat for diwali. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi MT,

I come to ur website every single day. I like ur recipes. Thanks for the tips i will try with the cake icing cloth (never knew there was something like this let me google and see) and let you know surely. Good job MT. Is there anyway i can subscribe to ur blog so i can get emails evertime u post something new. Let me know if any.



Linda said...

Hi MT - these look delicious... I can't imagine they stay around long enough to be even one day old :)

Bhargavi said...

Happy Diwali!!
Jhangri looks soooo delicious......I love them......Never prepared in the house.....will do it soon...Thx for sharing.

Ashwini said...

That looks delicious...loved seeing the celebration in Singapore.
Happy Diwali MT

lakshmiammal said...

Iam speechless.I have heard that Jangiri comes well only for experts and needs a lot of help. How come you managed to make it all by yourself?? Great ! Wish you a happy deepavali.

Nimi, CA said...

'Happy Diwali Lol....'.Never mind .You know what I meant.BTW what was ur menu for diwali.

Menu Today said...

Hi Mandira,
My jangiri finished before diwali itself. Thanks.

Hi Joe,
Thank u very much. Happy diwali to you.

Hi Linda,
Hi Bhargavi, Ashwini, Lakshmi,
Thanks a lot. Wish you the same.

Hi Nimu,
Wish you and your family happy Diwali.I shall give you a treat in my next post.

baking soda said...
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mythili said...

I tried jangiri.. it came out well.. but it was a bit hard.. donno the reason. can u tell me what might be the reason? i want to try it again.. thanks and regards.- Mythili

Menu Today said...


If your batter is too hard it will turn out hard or if u over fried then it will become hard and crispy.
Try to add 1 tsp of ghee to the batter to get soft and juicy jangiri.
Thanks for trying out my version.

Enectric Techsol said...

traditional and tasty recipe. thanks for sharing.