Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shell Seedai

Seedai Grater

This is my Submission for August - JFI#4 "Flour" hosted by Santhi Me and My Kitchen.
Shell Seedai
<-> Seedai is a popular south Indian Snack that looks like a small ball. <-><-> Seedai is made with Rice flour, but I made with Maida. <-><-> Seedai with rice flour preparation is difficult compared to this and this will not splutter unlike Rice Seedai. <->

Ingredients Needed:1. Maida 2 cups
2. Grated coconut 1/4 cup
3. Butter 2 tsps.
4. Salt to taste
5. Hing
6. Seasame seeds 1 tsp
7. Oil for frying.
8. Water to knead
I used a wooden Seedai Grater (see pic) that my Telugu friend gave to me. Else, please use a
9. New comb.[Must be Unused. That you do your hair with.]
1. Mix Maida, Salt, Seasame seeds, Butter, Hing and Coconut with hands till it resembles like crumbs.
2. Gradually add water and knead like chappathi dough.
3. Make small balls like goose berries
.4. Press these balls in comb downwards, it will form like shell. (So that, the lines will form and 2 edges will meet, it looks like shell)
5. Fry this in oil.
6. Cool and store in an air tight container
# Keep popping up Seedais one by one during tea time and don't blame me !!!. #


Tanuja said...


This dish is also made in andhra kitchen we make it as sweet dish we call it gavalu.urs is new idea to make it hot,thanks for sharing.

santhi said...

was going to say exactly what tanuja said..
I have had the sweet version gavvalu..
This looks very intersting and an AWESOME enntry for JFI
Thank you for participating MT

Anonymous said...

ah! my mom used to make this. We call it cheepappom. We use a comb to make it. :-) great!

Menu Today said...

Hi Tanuja, Shanthi,
Thank u very much.

Hi Indosungod,
Yes, u can use comb to make this.Thanx.

archana said...

Thank you for the recipe MT, i love Cheeda ( the round ones) and cheeppappom ( shells) as we call it. My mother makes it often. Wonderful!!

Menu Today said...

Hi Archana,
Thank u very much.

Jayashree said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love seedai(well, we call it cheeda)....never had the "comb" version of it before, though. Looks like an interesting variation.

Puspha said...

Oh I love this. Thanx for sharing the recipe.

Krithika said...

I have never had this version of cheedai. Thanks for sharing this recipe

Suganya said...

I tried to make this like a normal round seedai.It came out very well.Thanks for the recipe.

Malaysian Delicacies said...

First time to ur blog, I also normally do this snack,we call it chegada, there is a similar malaysian snack which looks like the shell ,known as Kuih Siput,it is spicy what with cumin,onions , curry leaves and dried prawns all added to it. You can also use a fork to form the shell shape.Take abit of dough, flatten it on the fork and roll it over on medium hot oil.