Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kozhukkattai (Modak)(Sweet)

Kozhukkattai (Modak)

=> Kozhukkattai is a traditional dish of India.
=> Every state in India has its own versions of Kozhukkattai
=> Favourite of Lord Ganesh.=>
Chathurthi is one occassion to make this.
This is dedicated to the Upcoming Chathurthi.
To make medium size 30 Kozhukkattai

For Base:1. Raw Rice 1/2 cup (Soak in water for 1 hour) and grind into paste
2. Salt a pinch
3. Water
4. Milk 2 table spoons.
5. Ghee or oil 1 tsp

Making of Base:1. Grind Raw Rice into fine paste and dilute it with water (Dosa Batter Consistency)
2. Add Salt, Oil (1 tsp) and Milk and Mix thoroughly.
3. Put this mixture on Stove and Stir it continuously till it comes a lump.
4. In wet muslin cloth or thin Cotton cloth tie this and keep it aside.

Cooked Base, Kneaded base, Taken small Marble Size, Flatten Like Cup, Stuffing Pooranam, Making of Modak, Steamed Modak
For Sweet Pooranam:1. Fresh Ganesh Coconut 1 cup
2. Jaggery 3/4 cup (1 cup for more sweet)
3. Elaichi Powder
4. Ghee 1 tsp
5. Water less than 1/4 cup
Making of Pooranam (stuffing)

1. Put Jaggery in a Heavy Bottom Vessel and pour water in it.
2. Bring it to boil, strain to Remove Mud, Dust etc.
3. Boil for another 2 minutes and add Grated Coconut and stir continuouslytill it separates from the edges.
4. Add Ghee and switch off.5. Cool it and make small size balls and keep it aside.

Making of Kozhukkattai:
1. Take little cooked batter, sprinkle water little by little with an oily hand knead it till it becomes like soft ball.
2. Take small amount from this, apply little oil in your palm and flatten it.
3. Flatten the edges so that it will form like cup.
4. Put the stuffing inside, close and make the Mothakam Shape.
5. Make atleast 10 to 15 and steam boil these immediately it in an Idli plate till cooked.(ortill it is shiny and glistening.)

::-> Make Ganesh and your Family members Happy. <-:: data-blogger-escaped-span="">
Tip:-1. Knead the Base as soft as possible. Else it will crack during steaming.


surya said...

nice recipe and nice pictures.my recipe for modak is almost same.I am planning to make this delicious modak for coming chathurthi.

Vineela said...

Hi Menutoday,

Kozhukkattai (Undrallu in telugu) looks delicious with detailed write up.
Lord Ganesh idol looks cute.


sudhav said...

MT.edhu enudiya favourite..roomba nandri..

Lera said...

It's soooooo cute! a divinely appetizing picture of modaks.

Menu Today said...

Hi Surya,
Thank u for visiting my blog. I am waiting for your post too.
Hi Vineela,
Thanx a lot.
Hi Sudhav,
Its my favourite too.. Thanks a lot.

Hi Lera,
Thank u very mcuh for visiting.

Vcuisine said...

Nice picture and cute Kozukatattais MT. Viji

Sunita said...

Dear MenuToday,

Nice recipe for modaks. They look so delicious.I am planning to prepare them for prasadam.
I have read many of your dishes and really appreciate the way of you write. You always give elaborate steps, tips and tricks. Kudos to you for all the great work and for sharing those wonderful dishes with us. Regards, Sunita

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DigitalGirl said...

am gonna prepare for today's anghaara sankata hara chathurthi!
it is good if u prepare them on this day and offer this to Lord Vinayakar.