Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Milk Balls

Milks Balls

I wanted to Make Milk Burfi the recipe that I learnt from my Sister.
In her house they this make very frequently.
I wanted to make this and distribute in temple for Prasad.
I did not plan my time well so I had to make Milk Balls instead of Milk Burfi.
For One litre Full cream Fresh milk  about 25 medium sized burfis can be made.
In my case I made into small sized balls and it came to about 60 in numbers.

Easy to make with very few ingredients but time consuming.

Ingredients Needed:-
1. Milk full cream Fresh Milk  -1 lit
2. Sugar 400 grams (don't compromise this measure otherwise it is difficult to get Burfi shape)
3.  Rava - 1 tsp 
4. Ghee - 1 tsp

1.  Take a heavy bottom kadai (thick bottom vessel) put everything and mix well.
2.  Keep stirring all the time.
3.  Slowly the Milk quantity reduces and it turns thick.
4. When the mixture turns golden and the bubbles (white) are formed in the edge is the time switch to off the stove but keep stirring till it becomes even more thicker. (nearly 10 mins) 

5. Again switch on the stove and cook for further 7 to 8 minutes in medium flame, until it becomes very thick and leave the sides. Pour this on to a greased tray .

6. Cut into desired shape when it becomes warm.
At this stage I didn't have enough time, I kneaded it well while it was warm and made balls.

This sweet tastes well and with full of milk flavour, no need to add anything like Elaichi or saffron.

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