Saturday, March 14, 2015

Karadayan Nonbu Adai ( Sweet )

This measure makes 12 to 15 small size adais.

Ingredients:1. Rice flour 1 cup
2. Jaggery ¾ cup for medium sweet,1 cup for strong sweet.
3. Cardamom 2 (Powder it)
4. Coconut grated or small pieces ¼ cup
5. Brown kidney beans boiled 4 table spoons.
6. Water 1 ¾ cups
7. Ghee 2 tsps
The measure of Rice flour is after frying.

Method:1.Fry rice flour till light brown color. (fry this measure in 2 portions)
2.Soak the jaggery in 1 ¾ cups water for 20 minutes.
3.Strain the jaggery water
4.Pour jaggery water in a kadai and bring it to a boil.
5.While boiling, add grated coconut and boiled kidney beans.
6.Slow down the fire and pour the flour and mix it briskly .
7.Cover it for 3 to 4 minutes. Switch off the stove.
8.Add cardamom powder,2 tsp ghee and mix the dough till soft.
9.If need more water, we can sprinkle water while kneading.
10.Take small amount and make a ball flatten it .
Follow the same procedure to make everything cover it with a wet cloth to avoid dryness.
11.Steam it till cooked. (Testing Procedure: There has to be a shine on the adai)

Tips / Cautions:If the portion of Jaggery is more, during steaming the shape will loosen.
It will break in the edges, if water content is less.
Rice flour should be nicely fried otherwise it will never get cooked.
Adding a pinch of salt will give u more sweet taste.
This is a healthy dish without much Oil.
This is an ideal evening snack too.


Mika said...

Hi-you are just in time for karadaiyan nombu. I love the salt adai with butter. Does it work with store-bought rice flour?

Menu Today said...

Yes, You can use store-bought rice flour. Surely it will come out well.

Anonymous said...

Recipe looks simple. i will try this!!!

sripriya said...

it's the perfect recipe. Thanks for posting it was useful after 8 years this is the first time it came in proper shape and proper taste. Actually i do not like this much, but my husband loves this... That's why i kept trying.
This is simple and correct measurements.

Thanks again

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