Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Snack that is a Mix of 4 to 5 items.
South Indian style Mixture is presented below.

For that you need:
1. Kara Boondhi - 2 cups [Method given below]
2. Oma Podi - 2 cups [Method given below]
3. Fried Thick Aval (Poha) - 2 cups
4. Ground Nuts - 1/2 cup
5. Chutney Dal - 1/2 cup (Pottukkadalai)
6. Cashew Nuts - 1/4 cup
7. Curry leaves - 2 Sprigs

Items for Mixture Masala.
1. Dry Red Chillies 6 to 7
2. Hing
3. Salt
4. Sugar
5. Ghee 1 tsp

Making of the Boondhi
1. Besan - 3/4 cup
2. Rice flour - 1 tsp
3. Salt to taste
4. Chilli Powder to taste
5. Oil tsp
6. Water

1. Sieve the flour and add Salt, Chilli Powder, Oil and make it to Bajji Batter Consistency with water.
2. Heat Oil in a Kadai, make Boondhi with Boondhi laddle.
3. Drain Oil and Keep it aside.
Boondhi Making refer here.

Making of the OmaPodi
1. Besan - 1 cup
2. Rice flour - 1/4 cup
3. Salt to taste
4. Chilli powder
5. Finely crushed Omum (Ajwain) or Omum Water
6. Water
7. Ghee or Hot Oil - 1 tsp

1. Mix everything Chappathi dough consistency.
2. In a Kadai squeeze Omapodi direct into the oil using Murukku or Omapodi press.
3. Drain and Keep it aside.

Making of the Mixture:-
1. Deep fry Aval (Thick poha) in Oil, drain and keep it aside.
2. Deep fry Cashew nuts, Ground nuts, Chutney dal and keep it aside.
3. In same Oil fry curry leaves. (be careful)

Mixture Masala:-
In small kadai or in same oil deep fry Red chilli and grind into powder along with
Salt, Hing and Sugar.

Mix everything in a Container or Paper and on top of it add mixture Masala .
On top of mixture Masala add one tsp of Hot Ghee and Mix with both hands.
Till masala coats to everything.

Store in an air tight container and you can use it for even a month.

Enjoy the festival time Snack with family and friends or even while watching TV.


Sharmi said...

though a long process its worth a try ! reminds me of Diwali times in India! I would love it with my tea:)

Daily Meals said...

Wow MT! Mixture looks spicy and crispy.


Looks like a perfect tea time snack!!!

Latha said...

delicious home-made mixture. i remember amma preparing each ingredient ahead and mixing them when we are away at school:) i used to fight with her when she asked me for help to fetch some newspapers to drain the prepared snacks and once cooled stack them in boxes. now how much i regret all that and miss the festive season with family!

indosungod said...

That is a lot of work but nothing like home made mixture - tasts the best.

Asha said...

It reminds me of "Madras mix" we get at the store MT. We love it. Looks great, my kinda of snack!:)

Priya said...

My mom makes huge boxes of mixture and boondi laddu at home for Diwali and we share with everyone in out street. Miss that soo much here. I had my mother send me a package of her mixture a few months back and though it was nowhere near Diwali it still felt that way for me :)

remya said...

perfect snack...homemade mixture is lovely....

sagari said...

wowwww looks delecious

Vcuisine said...

You have given it in the most simplest way MT. My mom is a great fan of this. Viji

Menu Today said...

Hi Sharmi,
Try this once, you will like it. Thanks.

Hi Vijaya,
Thanks a lot.

Hi Raks,
Thanks for visiting. keep visiting.

Hi Latha,
Hi Here in singapore, we feel somewhat like India during diwali. Thanks..
In our house we prefer only home made snacks.I prepare on my own always. Thanks.

hi Asha,
Thanks a lot.

Hi Priya,
I always share with my friends.We can make mixture in huge quantity.I prefer to make during diwali. Thanks.

Hi remya,

Hi Sagari,
Thanks for visiting.

Hi Viji,
Thanks a lot.

Latha Narasimhan said...

How all tamilians are alike! I too prepare mixture for Diwali! Happy diwali to you dear!:))

Sia said...

oh MT!!! homemade mixture always tastes better. u reminded me of my granny's spicy and sweet mixture today.

Swaroopa said...

gr8 mixture!! i always love it.

Krithika said...

Your mixture looks fantastic ! better than store-bought.

zlamushka said...

Hey, I am so amazed you can actually MAKE this one? I am sooo addicted to the store-bought version. Why dont you send it over to my Spoonful of Christmas gift event ?

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