Saturday, October 20, 2007

.::. Happy Dassera to All .::.

FAHC - Donation Drive

Children are our foundation for future. Our dreams and aspirations of our own children can easily be fulfilled as we do have reasonable means.

What about those who do not have the means? What about their dreams and aspirations? Efforts that aim at providing support to those, need to be appreciated and if possible, contributed and supported well.

To that purpose we can take a small step of Feeding a Hungry Child.

As part of spreading the fund collection effort with VKN and Indira I link the details of the FAHC Project.

Please spread this and also widen the smile of a Hungry Child with your contribution by clicking on the link below:-


Asha said...

Happy Dasara sweet MT, enjoy the weekend!:)

Daily Meals said...

Hi Menu Today! Happy Dasara to you too.

Indira said...

Happy Dasera MT and thanks very much for writing about FAHC fund-drive.