Saturday, October 27, 2007

Milagu Aval

Pepper and Jeera flavoured Aval - Poha.
Easy to make.

Ingredients Needed:
1. Rice Flakes - Poha or Aval - 2 cups
2. Salt to taste
3. Pepper 2 tsp
4. Cumin (Jeera) 3 tsp
5. Oil 2 tsp
6. Ghee 1 tsp
7. Curry leaves
8. Mustard Seeds
9. Urad Dal
10. Channa dal
11. Dry Red Chillies (Broken) 1

1. Make a coarse Powder of Pepper and Jeera.
2. Wash Aval and keep it aside.
3. Heat Oil in a Kadai. Add Mustard seeds, Urad dal, Channadal, Dry red Chillies and Curry leaves .
4. When Dal becomes Red, add Pepper Jeera Powder, Ghee and the Main ingredient Aval, Salt and Mix well.

Healthy and Tasty Milagu Aval is ready.

.::. Have this Hot on a Rainy Day with Morkuzhambu. .::.


Latha said...

Wow this is knew to me MT. I have had PEpper Saadham but not Aval. Will give it a shot!

Asha said...

I agree with Latha. Great recipe. Pepper and jeera in Aval sounds great!:))

swapna susarla said...

looks simple and tasty!!

DEEPA said...

very neat and nice one !!!

Suganya said...

My mom always pairs this with thayir aval. Such time savers they are.

USHA said...


Recipe is new and sounds interesting too.Thanks for sharing.

Daily Meals said...

Sounds new and looks simple to make.

Linda said...

Pepper and jeera poha looks spicy-delicious, MT! Rainy autumn days are here, so it's time for more comfort food like this :)

Kajal said...

WOW.....this is nice, new and easy to cook. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Menu Today said...

Hi latha,
Please try this dish and let me know the outcome of it. Thanks..

Hi Asha,
Thanks a lot. If you like pepper jeera taste please give it a try.

Hi Swapna,
Thanks, keep visiting.

Hi Deepa,
Thanks a lot.

Hi Suganya,
I agree with you. Thanks..

Hi Usha,
Thank you so much.

Hi Vijaya,

Hi Linda,
Comfort during rainy days... Hot pepper Aval with a cup of tea!!!Thanks..

Hi Kajal,
Yes, it is very easy to make. Thanks, keep visiting.

remya said...

Thats lovely..havent tasted this....looks simple ...

Dhivya Karthik said...


Thanks for dropping by at my site :)

This recipe is almost similar to one I make, I call it masala poha with few more ingrediants. Simple,fast and abs delish..right :)

Vcuisine said...

MT, you can have just like that. No need for any side dish. Very nice. Viji

Menu Today said...

Hi remya,

Thanks a lot.

Hi Divya karthik,

Thanks for visiting my site.

Hi Viji,
I too like to have plain milagu aval.Thanks