Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vegetable Stew


The Usual side dish for Idiappam is Kurma or Sambar.
My friend usually makes Stew to go with Idiappam. I learnt this from her and my version, include Beans, Peas and Carrot with Potatoes and Onions.
() Stew is Vegetables cooked in Coconut milk.
() Dish of Kerala / Tamilnadu

Ingredients Needed:
1. Mixed vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots, Beans, Peas - each 3/4 cup, cut into cubes)
2. Coconut milk (Store bought - 1/4 Cup diluted in 1 1/2 cups of water.) - Round 1
2a. Coconut milk - (Store bought 1/4 Cup diluted in 1/4 Cup of water.) - Round 2
2b. Coconut Milk-(Store bought 1/4 cup) (thick)
3. Onion Sliced 2
4. Green chillies 4 (according to taste)
5. Ginger one small piece
6. Garlic Pods 2
7. Salt to taste
8. Oil 1 tsp
9. Curry Leaves
10. Pepper Powder 1/4 tsp

1. Peel, Wash and Cut the vegetables into cubes and Pressure cook .
2. Slice Onion and keep it aside.
3. Make a Paste with Green Chillies, Ginger and Garlic. [3G]
4. Heat Oil in a pan saute Curry leaves and Onions for 2 minutes (Onions should not be brown) along with
3G paste.
5. Coconut Milk - Round 1 - Pour the Coconut mil in the Pan and cook till Onions become soft.
6. Add Vegetables and Coconut Milk (Round 2) and Cook for 3 minute. Add Salt and before removing add coconut milk.(2b)
* Serve Hot with Idiappam.
+> Easy on the Stomach for Kids, Elders. <+

Vegetable Stew


Shankari said...

looks like a gr8 combo for idiyappam

Revathi said...

This is the sidedish being served for Aapam in Saravana bhavan... Very good one !!!

Ashwini said...

Looks healthy and delicious

Sumitha said...

Wow,look at that idiappam!It would be so yum with the stew:)

Vineela said...

Hi MM,
Healthy stew and goes nice with ghot rice.
THANKS for sharing.

Reeta Skeeter said...

cool blog!! how did u get those fotos moving??? do visit my blog..although ive just started:

Kitchenmate said...

wow.. that is a cool recipe..i remember having them at my friends place and tasted yummm, sure i am going to try it! and you got me a better way of making thin milk from the canned coconut milk..kudos to you....

Puspha said...

Looks very delicious.

indosungod said...

I remember eating idiyappam and stew at my friends place, delicious
thanks for recipe

Menu Today said...

Hi Shankari,
Yes, it is very nice combo 4 idiyappam. Thanx.

Hi Revathi, Ashwini, Sumitha,
Thank u very much.

Hi vineela,
I will try with rice . Nice idea.

Hi Reeta,
I just downloaded from photo
Welcome to the blogging world.You have a nice blog.

Hi KM, Pushpa, Indosungod,
Thank u very much.

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