Sunday, September 10, 2006

MeMe -About Me, Me and Only Me.

Thanks Sudha Vinodh for Inviting me for this MeMe. (So sad she did not invite me for lunch in NY. :-))))
I am thinking about : The movie that I saw recently.

I said
: All are fine.

I want to
: Go on a Vacation.

I wish
: I can shout less.

I regret
:for not working hard enough.

I hear
: My Telephone Ringing.

I am
: A Home Maker.

I dance
: Never.

I sing
: In the Bathroom.

I cry
: When I think of My Father.

I am not
: a coward peron.

I am
: a Mother of 12 years old boy.

I write
: Less.

I confuse
:between Pachaaz and Pachhez in Hindi.

I need
: Some Rest.

I tag :
Madhu, Arthi


Madhu said...

Hi MT,
I enjoyed writing meme about me, thank you for taging me.

Also enjoyed reading about you.

Prema Sundar said...

Hi MT,
It was nice reading ur meme and to get to know u.

sudhav said...

MT, thanks for playing..that was nice to read about you..