Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hello All !

Am getting an empty page before my latest blog on Kai Murukku. Pl see that post below.

If one of you know the reason for this, pl let know and help resolve it.

Thanks !


Foodie's Hope said...

Hi MT, What happened??!! Did you mess with the template or something? I don't know how to fix it but hope it will be alright soon.. can's wait for murukkus...Good luck sweetheart!!

Menu Today said...

Hi FH,
Am sure that I didn't touch the template in the past few days.
Thanks for your idea.
Am fighting with it.
Let me try.

rp said...

I don't see anything wrong? Did you fix it?

Prema Sundar said...

I too dont see anything wrong..

shilpa said...

MT, it looks perfectly fine in Firefox. I tried in IE and there is some empty space. Some HTML tags that work fine in IE screw things up in Firefox and viceversa. Not sure which one is affecting your design :(.

sudha said...

Hi MT.. The empty page had to do something with the template. Many be the width of you main table and that of sidebar table is clashing. It happened to me once and i adjusted the widths. But before doing any changes to the template first save the original template in textpad. Hope this helps.

I tagged you in meme. check my blog.

Menu Today said...

Hello Sudha,
Many Thanks to you.
You suggestion made me look again and I found that one Photo was too big and once it was resized, things seem to be back to normal.

sudhav said...

MT,looks like the pblm is solved..some times the template plays a big trick with us..

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong..
Learnt some good recipes from your site.People from telangana region of AP, do these murukus by hand. I tried so many times but failed.Will give it a try again in oyur way.
I am a new entrant in to the food blogging world. Hope you don't mind me adding your blog in my blogroll.


Saffron said...

wow! those look really good :)


A freshcomer said...

Hello Every one!

Iam new to this blog but I do visit everyday to see what's new on your blog and try making them. I have made the Veg Kurma and it came out very well. The credit goes to your food blog.

A query:
1) How much water do we add while grinding Rice with red chilli?
How should the outcome paste look like? In terms of consistency?
2) You have asked to spread the grinded paste on to a cotton cloth for how many hours? How should it look like after the extra moisture is taken out?
3) When do we start adding the chutney dal powder(I presume just grind the chutney dal into a fine powder without roasting)?

Please advice.

Thank you in advance.

A Freshcomer