Friday, September 22, 2006

aGLiO oLiO - cHilLi gArliC paStA

We went to Pastamania last weekend.
They served a Simple, easy to make Aglio Olio and It Tasted great.
I tried to repeat it at home and it came out very well.
Can be prepared in minutes time.

Aglio Olio Ingredients

Prepararsi Aglio Olio?

Ingredients Needed:
1. Pasta (Any type) - I used Spiral
2. Oilve Oil - 2 table spoons
3. Garlic Pods - 2 chopped
4. Fresh Red Chilli - 2 to 3 (According to Taste) deseeded and finely chopped
5. Paramesan Cheese
6. Mixed Italian Herbs
7. Salt to taste

Spicy Aglio Olio

1. Cook Pasta to al dente or according to instructions.
2. Heat the Oil, Add Garlic pieces and fry till Golden Brown. Take out the Pieces and keep it aside.
3. Add Finely Chopped Chillies and Cooked pasta in a Pan and toss them well.
4. Adjust the Salt accoring to the taste.5. Garnish with Parmesan Cheese, Garlic pieces, Mixed Italian Herbs.

O> Serve Hot.


Prema Sundar said...

Hi MT,
Is pastamania a restaurant.. I thought it was some event.. I googled and found out it was a dining outlet in Singapore. I love Singapore and was there for 1 1/2 yrs ,4 yrs ago. Glad to know that u are from Sing.
Pasta recipe looks simple and neat. will try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Hi MenuToday,
I love the recipes you post. I have tried your Biriyani and its the best I ever made. I made kolkottai for the first time and again a nice recipe. Thanks for all the simple recipes.

Krithika said...

Pasta looks great ! Simple and delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing

Foodie's Hope said...

WoW!! MT, I can't even pronounce that!! Looks great though!! Thanks!!

sudhav said...

MT, the pasta looks great..gonna try this soon..thanks for the recipe..

Cooking Memoir said...

Very simple recipe. I don't use to much of garlic,do you have any suggestions?


Rooma said...

I love this at pastamania as well!!!!! By the way...... where in singapore r u?????

Inji Pennu said...

Ah! you got your template corrected. Was getting ready to tell you how to fix it! Good!

Lera said...

scrumptious and a simple n easy to do recipe...Thanks!

shub said...

hey I love pastamania's aglio olio as well! simple and yummy!

Anonymous said...

ur pasta looks yummy.!!!! rather than trying out the recipe....i will come to ur home to have a nicee....lunch or dinner....