Sunday, February 05, 2006

^ ^ ^ SAMBAR POWDER ^ ^ ^
1. Coriander seeds : 2 cups
2. Dried red chillies 1 ½ cups
3. Toor dal 4 table spoons
5. Rice 2 tsps
6. Black pepper ¼ tsp
7. Cumin seeds ½ tsp
8. Channa dal 2 table spoons

Fry the above ingredients separately till hot and make a fine powder and store in an
air tight container.

! ! With the help of this powder you can make delicious sambar. ! !


kalpana said...

hiii...i happened to see cinnamon stick as a ingredient in sambar powder in one of the store bought packs.Can we add that? is that the one which gives "hotel sambar" its unique taste?

Menu Today said...

Hi Kalpana,
Normally Kannadiga uses cinnamon stick in their sambar. When you mix this sambar with rice it tastes like bisebale bath.For typical Tamilian sambar powder there is no cinnamon stick.

Anonymous said...

A very nice Blog you have. I happened to notice in your picture that you have kept some urad dal also on the plate, but you have not mentioned in your ingredients list. Please clarify me...

Menu Today said...

Thanks for leting me know.