Sunday, January 15, 2006

~ ~ ~ Medhu Vada ~ ~ ~
1.Urud Dhal: 1 cup
2.Green chillies: 4
3.Raw rice: 1Tbsp
4.Salt: To taste
5.Hing: A pinch.
6.Onion one finely chopped (optional)
7.Curry leaves: One string
8.Oil to deep fry
1.Soak dhal, rice for 30 minutes.
2.Grind it with chillies, salt .(Do not add much water).
3.Grind it nicely, taking the batter add curry leaves, Chopped onion 1 tsp ghee and mix it well
4.Take thick plastic sheet or banana leaf clean it with Water. Take some batter with wet hand place it on sheet.
5. Flatten it and make a whole in the center slip it in the hot oil.
6. Fry both sides till golden brown.
Tasty Medu Vada ready, have this with Sambar or Chutney.

Now you can enjoy delicious vadas… after vadas.. after vadas…..


Kay said...

Wow! How soft and crispy! It doesnt look oily at all. Reminds of my mom's vadas.

Everytime I make, I can't seem to flatten it (like a vada). I start makign vadas and end up making bondas. Is there any trick to get it flattened and make that hole?

Menu Today said...

Take little ,make a ball and put it in a plastic sheet or banana leaf .With the help of wet hand make hole and slip into oil.. Try this method it will come out nicely.While grinding add less water.

Kay said...

Thanks Menutoday... I've been trying the expert's method of using the palsm of the hands.. And the batter just stuck to my hand..
I had forgotten I'm a novice in vada making :(

I'll try with plastic sheet (no banana leaf here) and grinding the batter with lesser water. thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I came across your recipe and i tried it out, Wow it came out nicely.Like to try more of your recipes. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Is it ok to add salt while grinding the dal itself ; wouldn't it make the vadas harder ?
Kindly share the tip.