Sunday, January 22, 2006

For those of you, who had been waiting..Sorry...Here we go now...Shall try to be regular..

* * VEN PONGAL * *
1.1 cup raw rice.
2.½ cup moongdal
3.3 ½ cup water
4.Salt to taste
5. Hing ¼ tsp
6. 1 green chilli
7. One small piece ginger
8.Ghee for garnishing 5 table spoon.

1.½ table spoon coarsely powdered pepper
2.1 table spoon cumin seeds
3.10 cashew nuts.
4.One string curry leaves

1.First fry rice and dhal till hot and wash it cleanly.
2.Boil rice and dal adding water ,salt, hing, ginger, green chilli, till soft ( in cooker 3 to 4 whistles)
3.Open the cooker. Mash the rice .
4.In a kadai pour ghee add cashew nuts, powdered pepper, cumin seeds , Curry leaves mix it in the rice mixture.
5.pongal ready have with sambar, chutney or Kosthu.


1.Frying of rice is essential to get nice aroma of pongal.
2.Can add ¼ milk with water while cooking.
3.Can mix ghee and refined oil to keep the pongal soft .

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