Thursday, November 30, 2006

Puran Poli (South Indian Style)
Traditional Indian Sweet made with Jaggery and Dal.
Each states has its own version of making this Poli.
The below features the version of Tamil Nadu.

Ingredients Needed For Base
1. Maida 3/4 cup
2. Salt (pinch)
3. Turmeric Powder or Food Colour (2 pinches)
4. Sesame Oil 3 tablespoons.
5. Water to knead the dough

Items Needed For Pooranam (Filling):
1. Channa dal 1 Cup
2. Jaggery 3/4 Cup to 1 Cup (according to taste)
3. Grated Coconut 2 table spoons.
4. Elaichi Powder
5. Ghee 1/2 tsp

Make Base:
1. In a bowl add Maida, Food colour/Turmeric, Salt and knead it to a soft dough using water.
2. Pour Oil on top of dough and keep it aside for 30 to 40 minutes.

Making of Pooranam:
1. Fry Channa dal till good smell comes.
2. Cook this dal in (just enough) water. (not too Mushy)
3. Drain out all water and add Jaggery and Coconut.
4. Grind this into a fine paste.
5. Heat a kadai add this paste and saute till water evoparates.6. Mix Elaichi powder and keep it aside

Making of Poli.
1. Take a tender Banana leaf or thick plastic sheet. Apply little oil.
2. Take some amount of Maida dough and spread with hands.
3. Keep the Coconut filling (Pooranam) inside and cover with maida.
4. Make it into a ball, spread with hands.
5. Fry both sides on a tawa applying little Ghee unti Poli is done.
Delicious, Healthy Poli is ready.Serve Hot with a little Ghee on top of it.Can store upto 3 days.

This is My Submission for JFI#8 (Jaggery) hosted by Kay towards better tomorrow


Asha said...

Hi MT, I was planning to make Puran Poli for Diwali then gave up! I love these.They look fabulous and mouthwatering.Yum!

Glad you are back , MT!

Ashwini said...

MT this is my all time favorite sweet. Maharashtrians make it for Holi usually.

@ said...

I love the aroma and heavenly taste of Puran poli. In our home, this is a mainstay for all festivities. I have never made it all by myself, usually had mom or mom-in-law to help - rolling out the dough requires precision! You have explained it very well :)

Krithika said...

Poli looks so good. Great entry for JFI

Vini K said...

MMM...good old puran poli..we call it Bobbatlu in telugu.I love this.I thought of making this purely for the sake of JFI,but then my craving for ginger chutney took over:D

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Whenever my son asks for sweet chappathi I make puran poli.Thanks.

Hi Ashwini,
We make during Rakhi purnima, the day before sankaranthi, our tamil new years day etc.. Thanks for visiting.

Hi @,
Thanks a lot.

Menu Today said...

Hi Kirthika,
Thanks a lot.

Hi Vini
I love ginger chutney. Thanks.

Linda said...

Hi MT... they look so delicious! I would love to try this right now :)

Lakshmik said...


Thanks for the recipe. I always wondered about the how much quantity to use for the filling.

Lakshmi said...

love this sweet dish

Lakshmiammal said...

This is always hit, MT.The polis look so delicious!

Maheswari said...

Delicious puran poli.Good entry for Jihva

Vani said...

We calli it Obbattu in Kannada. Looks yum, MT! Nice entry for jihva.

Anonymous said...

Hi MT,
Your pooran poli are looking mouth watering.

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi Mt, I love puran poili..we call it in hyderabad as pole...i just love them.Thanks for sharing them

rooma said...

I was just looking out for this recipe and I find it in your blog..... :) Thanks MT.... will try it out soon. :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Linda,
Please do let me know the out come of it, Thanks.

Hi Lakshmi,
For making this type of poli for one portion of maida 1-1/2 portion of puran. It will spread evenly on poli. Thanks.

Hi Lakshmi and Lakshmi Ammal,
Thanks a lot.

Linda said...

MT, I finally tried these tonight. Mine did not look so soft and thin as yours, but they sure tasted great! Thanks so much, and Happy New Year to you :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Linda,
Very Glad to know that you liked puran poli very much. Thanks for trying.

meeso said...

I have never been disappointed anytime I had a Poli...yours looks soooo good!