Thursday, November 13, 2014

Urad Dal Bonda (Mysore Bonda) - மைசூர் போண்டா

Urad Dal Bonda (Mysore Bonda) - மைசூர் போண்டா

I don't know why it is called Mysore Bonda.
You may get this Bonda in Mysore but there is no Mysore in this Bonda :-)

Perfect Evening time snack.

Urad Dal Bonda (Mysore Bonda)

Ingredients Needed:
1. Urad dal 1 cup
2. Salt to taste
3. Rice flour 1 tsp
4. Oil for deep frying.
5. Hing
6. Finely Chopped coconut Pieces 2 tablespoons
7. Green Chillies finely chopped 2
8. Black pepper few
9. Cumin Seeds
10. Curry Leaves
11. Coriander leaves
12,. Chopped Ginger 1 tsp

Ingredients for Bonda
1. Wash and Soak Urad dal for 30 to 45 minutes
2. Grind it, adding very little water.
3. In Grinded Urad Dal, Add Salt, Hing, Curry Leaves, Coriander Leaves, Black Pepper, Cumin, Rice Flour, Coconut Pieces, Ginger and Chopped Chillies. Mix well.
4. Heat oil in a kadai and make small balls with that urad dal mixture and deep fry in oil till Golden Brown .

Bonda Frying

Serve this with Coconut Chutney.

Urad Dal Bonda (Mysore Bonda) - மைசூர் போண்டா