Thursday, November 06, 2014

BEETROOT VADAI - பீட் ரூட் வடை

Beet Root Vadai - பீட் ரூட் வடை

Vadai with Grated BeetRoot.
Spicy and Flavourful like Masal Vadai with BeetRoot.
I could make 18 medium sized vadai with 1 cup of Dal.

Ingredients Needed:-
1.  Channa Dal/Kadalai Paruppu  - 1 cup
2.  Dry Red Chillies - 5 Nos
3.  Salt to Taste
4.  Sombu/ Saunf 

Soak Dal and Red Chillies for atleast 1 hour and Grind coarsely  with Salt and Sanuf / Sombu without adding water.

BEETROOT VADAI - பீட் ரூட் வடை
5.  Onion - 2 medium Size - Finely cut
6.  BeetRoot Grated - 1/2 cup 
7.  Coriander Leaves - Finely Chopped
8.  Curry Leaves - Cut into small Pieces
9.  Oil to Deep Fry

1. Take Grinded Dal paste in a Broad vessel and add the Chopped Onion, Grated Beetroot, Coriander and Curry leaves and Mix thoroughly .

2. Heat Oil in a Kadai, take Small amount of the mix to make the vadai, by hand.

3. Deep Fry in Oil Till Golden Brown. 


Beet Root Vadai in a Platter

The Final Product has the sweetness of the Beet root, Spiciness from the masala and Crispiness of the Vadai and is sooo enticing....

I owe thanks to a friend of mine for this recipe.

If Beet Root is Very Watery slightly squeeze it and add.
Squeezed Juice can be used in Rasam. I Used it in my Keerai Koottu.