Saturday, September 30, 2006

Maa Ladoo, Neiyi Urundai (Ghee Balls)
This is my Submission for JFI#6 hosted by Cooking Medley.
(+) Neyyi Urundai is a traditional dish of Southern India.
(+) Rich in Protiens.
(+) Can be prepared with one dal or combination of 2 dals.
(+) This post is with Green moong Dal.
Ingredients Needed:
1. Green Moong Dal Powder
2 cups2. Ghee 1-1/4 cups
3. Elaichi Powder
4. Sugar Powder In the ratio of 1:1
5. Cashews, Raisins and Badam

Method:1. Fry Green Moong on tawa without adding oil, till upi get a good aroma.
2. Cool and make the Dal into fine powder. (Sieve and Measure it)
3. In one portion Dal powder add one portion of Sugar powder.
4. Mix elaichi, fried cashew, badam, raisins .
5. Melt ghee and pour over dal mixture.
6. When still hot, make balls.
7. Cool and store in an Air Tight Container

Maa Ladoo
~ Stays good for more than a month. ~
Note:Use 1/2 Green moong, 1/2 Black Urad dal make this ladoo.


Krithika said...

Delicious ! Healthy and tasty. Great entry. Thanks for sharing

FH said...

WOW MT!! at last you came back and with a laddu recipe!! YUM!! Thanks girl!! Happy Navaratri to you!!

Rajesh &Shankari said...

oh yeah, I love this urundai, my mom always has it powdered and ready, she just adds the ghee and powdered sugar when we have guests all of a sudden

Prema Sundar said...

Very healthy and tasty ladoo. Kids will surely love this and good for them too.

Menu Today said...

Hi Kirthika,
Thank u very much.
Hi Asha,
Yes, I came back. Last week I was busy with navarathiri Poojas. Thanks.
Hi Shankari,
Thanks a lot.
Hi Prema,
I agree with you. My son harish loves this ladoo. Thanks.

Deepa Culinary World said...

this is my hubbies favorite.will give it a try soon.thanks for sharing.

Latha said...

The Mysore pak looks delicious Menutoday. Its my favorite sweet


Anonymous said...

the nei urundai looks so delicious. my cousin sister will make this. i tried, but it didn't come properly. mine was too soft.

Menu Today said...

I think you used too much of ghee.

Irene Pillai said...

Wow! I so missed eating Diwali sweets and saw your blog when searching for something to make.

Your recipes made me go all so nostalgic; and hungry as well.

Thanks so much and happy Diwali