Monday, June 01, 2015

Samai Bagala bath - சாமை பகாளா பாத்

Samai Rice Bagala bath.

Rich and Creamy Samai Bagala bath.
Nowadays people are reducing the intake of Rice and include Siru Dhaniya Unavugal. (சிறு தானிய உணவு)
I add a tasty item with Samai rice.
Ingredients Needed:-
1. Samai Arisi - 1/2 cup
2. Salt  - to taste
3. Water  - to cook 1-1/4 cup
4. Milk
5. Curd
6. Butter

Ingredients for tempering:-
1. Oil  - 1 tsp
2. Mustard seeds
3. Finely chopped green chilli
4. Finely chopped ginger 
5. Curry leaves

Ingredients for garnishing:-
1. Coriander leaves 
2. Raisins 
3. Cashew nut cut into small pieces
4. Finely cut (cucumber, carrot, raw mango)

Method :-
1. Pressure cook samai rice.

2. Add butter and salt mix well soon you get it out of the cooker.

3. When the mixture is luke warm add milk and curds mix well.

4. Temper with mustard seeds, ginger, green chilli and curry leaves and pour over.

5. Now goes chopped cashew nuts, raisins, carrot, cucumber and raw mango.

6. Mix well and serve with any pickle or fried Poriyal. 

Samai Bagala bath - சாமை பகாளா பாத்
Samai Bagalabath - Enjoy !!!