Monday, April 13, 2015

Coriander Rice in Coconut Milk

Coriander Rice in Coconut Milk 

Rice made with Fresh green Coriander, masalas and cooked in coconut milk.
Very rich and tasty rice and good for lunch box, pot luck parties etc.,
Ingredients Needed:-
1. Rice  - 1 cup (here I used Basmati Rice) wash few times and drain the water and keep this for some 15 mins  
2. Onions - 2 nos finely sliced 
3. Carrot - 1 cut into cubes
4. Salt to taste
5. Oil  - 2 tsps
6. Ghee - 1-1/2 tsp 
7. Coconut milk 2 cups (diluted)
Ingredients for Grinding:-
1. Coriander leaves - tightly pressed one cup
2. Ginger - small piece
3. Garlic - 2 pods 
4. Green chillies - 2 according to taste 
5. Turmeric powder little (to bring nice Color to the dish) 

1. Heat oil  and ghee in a pressure cooker.

2.  Fry onions till it turns into golden brown.

3. Grind the Coriander, Garlic, Ginger, Green chillies, Turmeric and Salt .

4.  Add now the diced Carrots and fry for few minutes.

5.  Now goes the grinded paste and fry well in medium flame until the raw smell of the Garlic goes.

6. I took 5 tablespoons of grated coconut and extracted milk by adding 2 cups of water, strained it. Check your measure of this for its adequate quantity.

7.  Add washed rice and fry well.

8. Add Coconut milk and bring it to boil.

9. Cover the cooker lid and cook till 2 whistles.

10. Coriander Rice in Coconut milk ... Serve with papad and raita.

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