Monday, September 08, 2008

Rawa Ladoo

Ladoo Made of Sooji, Sugar and Ghee.
Easy to prepare and tastes great.

Ingredients for ladoo:
1. Rawa (Bombay rawa or white Rawa) - 1 cup
2. Sugar - 1 cup
3. Ghee - 1/4cup + 3 tsps.
4. Elaichi Powder
5. Cashew nuts - broken - handful
6. Badam pieces (Optional).

This measure makes about 20 Ladoos.

1. Roast Rawa till good smell comes, cool it and make a fine powder in mixer.
2. Powder sugar in a mixer or use readymade sugar powder (Pura Sarkkarai).
3. Melt 3 tsps of ghee and fry cashews and keep it aside.
4. Mix Rawa, Sugar powder, Elaichi Powder, Fried Cashews.
5. Melt Remaining Ghee and Pour over this mixture and mix well.
6. When it is still hot make balls.

1. Ghee should be hot then only making of ladoo is easy.
2. Can be stped for a month.
3. Increase the proportion of Sugar, if you want this Sweeter.
4. Rawa powder and Sugar powder can be made and stored for future use to make Ladoos in a jiffy.

=X= Rawa Ladoo - Quick and Easy - Tasty Bhi. =X=


Jayashree said...

This is the hubby's favourite. Looks really good.

Divya Vikram said...

Love this sweet..Havent made it myself..

raaji said...

rava ladoo just came out perfect.....

Menu Today said...

Hi, Jayashee, Divya, Raaji,

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

Menu Today said...
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Menu Today said...
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I hav tried making once...same procedure I too follow...Yours looks perfect!!

Daily Meals said...

Rawa laddoos look delicious Menu Today!

Sharmi said...

hey, what a treat to eyes:) I can never get rava laddus properly. looks so yummy and reminds me of my grandmom.

Rajesh said...

i like this sweet too.. one suggeston - use a little milk to allow the ladoos to bind.

Reviewer said...

Oh *drool*...this looks great....

UjjU said...

I love rave unde (Rava ladoo in Kannada). Have made them couple of times. Yours looks really good.