Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Idli podi With Sesame(Ellu)

Milagai Podi - Chilli Powder - Chutney Powder.
Chief Accompaniment to all South Indian tiffin items.

Ingredients Needed:
1. Urad Dal - 1 cup
2. Channa Dal - 1/2 cup
3. Sesame seeds - 2 tablespoons
4. Idli rice - 1 tsp
5. Hing
6. Salt to taste
7. Dried red Chilli - 1/2 cup (according to taste)
8. Tamarind - small gooseberry size
9. Jaggery very little to adjust taste
10. Oil 1tsp

1. Roast No 1 to 4 separately till golden brown.
2. Heat 1 tsp oil, roast red chillies with tamarind and with little salt.
(Salt reduces the burning smell of red chillies)
3. Cool everything.
4. Make fine Powder of Red chillies, Salt, Tamarind and Hing.
5. Then add the 1 to 4 items and Jaggery. Powder it, it can be coarse or fine.

Serve this podi with Sesame Oil with Idli or Dosa.
1. Adding Salt while roasting the chiilies, will reduce the burning effect of the chillies.


Vcuisine said...

Lovely presentation MT. Never added tamarind before. With kutti idlis they look divine. Viji

Vineela said...

Hi MN,
my mom makes this podi (nuvvula podi) without jaggery.
small idlys remembers me saravan bhavan 16 idlys.
thanks for sharing.

Sia said...

i never made idli podi at home MT. thanks for detailed recipe:)

Asha said...

Looks great and sounds great MT. I love chutney, got to try this pudi too.Thanks girl!:)

Kalai said...

I love the way you've presented the ingredients, MT! Beautiful. Also love the addition of sesame to this podi. Would be a perfect one to mix with sesame oil and eat a whole plate of idlis! :))

Mythreyee said...

Amma used to add ellu for this milagaai podi. great recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Uma said...

The powder looks so yum! Love the bowls. Nicely presented.

Bharathy said...

Ellu milagai podi smeared over little idlies.....

Sagari said...

bowls looks soo cute and those spicy idlis yummmmmmmmm

Easy Shopping Tips said...

Tasty podi.

Daily Meals said...

The podi looks yummy and spicy Menu Today!


wow, this is somethg differnt, never made this b4.gr8 presentation & a good tip.

Anonymous said...

You can add some dried curry leaves while grinding the podi. Smells and tastes very yummy

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Gayathri said...

Mouth watering idlies

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