Friday, August 31, 2007

Vella Seedai

Sweet Version of Seedai.
Made of Jaggery Syrup.

Ingredients Needed:
1. Fried and Sieved Rice Flour (as in Salt Seedai) ~ 1 cup
2. Jaggery ~ Little More than 1/2 cup.
3. Salt ~ A Pinch
4. Grated Coconut ~ 2 tablespoons
5. Til (Sesame) ~ 1/2 tsp
6. Butter ~ 3/4 tablespoon
7. Urad Dal powder ~ 3/4 tsp
8. Water ~ 1/2 Cup to make syrup
9. Elaichi Powder
1. In a bowl take Rice Flour, Urad Flour, Salt, Grated Coconut, Til, and Butter, mix well and keep it aside.
2. Immerse the Jaggery in water and Keep it aside for 10 minutes.
3. Once the Jaggery is dissolved, filter the water out and heat it to make a syrup.
4. For checking the syrup, Take a small bowl of water.
Test for the Syrup consistency:- Pour few drops of syrup in it and the syrup should not dissolve in water. It should loose its shape, while removing it by
hand from the water. (In tamil we call this Thakkali Padham) (Adhirasam Padham).
5. Pour this Syrup to the Rice flour mixture, mix well and keep it aside.
6. Knead well and keep it in airtight container.
7. Next day make medium size balls, dry it for 30 minutes and fry it in oil till dark brown.

Test for Seedai:- While frying, cracks should develop.
.:. Sweet Seedai makes the Krishna Jayanthi more Sweeter .:.
1. If syrup is not in perfect consistency while frying all balls will loose it shape.
2. If more jaggery is added, it will dissolve in Oil while frying.
3. Seedai, if made one day later, it willl have an even more rich taste.
4. Roast Urad dal without adding oil till golden brown,powder and sieve it.

Vella Seedai


Bharathy said...

First time in your blog!

Wonderful collection of authentic tamil recipes,I would say!

Once I tried making seedai and it started bursting in the oil...and I stopped trying them..really love both the seedais..:)

Why dont you send these two to Lathanarasimhan of yumblog(scroll down my foodie roll for the link)
..who has asked for krishnajayanthi spls!deadline is sep 10th!!!

Anonymous said...

again wonderful job with the seedais, MT. So do we also get a picture of all the neivedyams after the pooja?

Sreelu said...

Hmm I love these, we call them venna undalu in telugu.

Prema Sundar said...

scared of trying seedais MT as i have some bad experiences with it .. I think u are an expert in preparing seedais .. u have prepared both uppu seedai and vella seedai..
nice ones.

timepass said...

Lovely...another first timer to ur blog...Need to try out the pitlai soon..

Viji said...

My favorite MT. My mom makes without syrup just mixing the rice flour in the boiling jaggery water and it comes out well too. Your version is also simple and neat. Viji

Menu Today said...

Hi Bharathy,
Thanks for visiting. I will send both the entries to her event.

Hi Latha,
Yes Latha I will try to post the pic after pooja.

Hi Sreelu,
Thanks for the information.

Hi Prema,
This time try to make both seedais. Thanks.

Hi Timepass,
Thanks for visiting. I am very happy that you are going to try Pitlai.

Hi Viji,
I am very eager to know your version of making vella seedai.I made only small quantity to post. Thanks Viji

Anonymous said...

hi friend plz vist my web page

Latha Narasimhan said...

You have given all the correct tips to get the seedai right!

Sharmi said...

I made uppu seedai from your blog and came out really well. thanks for the nice one. its in my blog.

TBC said...

I was looking to comment on your saagu post. The color of the dish is beautiful & I love the serving dish. What is chutney dal?

FH said...

MT, Sagu post's comment section is not open,fix it!:)
Looks wonderful,thank you so much for your entry.

FH said...

My comment for Seedai has disappeared!! Sweet Seedai looks great too, I prefer salty things though:)

Anonymous said...

tried this recipe. unfortunately, my cheedais broke as soon as i put them in oil. where could i have gone wrong? how much water is to be added to the jaggery? coz my dough was a bit dry.pls advise.

Menu Today said...


1. keep the correct thakkali padam for jaggery syrup.
2. If it is dry sprinkle some milk and knead.
If u have taken it earlier it will break during frying.
For testing Put the syrup in the water and try to gather , if u take out it will loose its shape this is the correct padam.