Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Uppu (Butter) Seedai

Another Traditional Snack - Seedai.
A Krishna Jayanthi regular.

Seedai making needs you to be near Hot Oil for a long time. Also you need to be careful, as it may splutter, while frying.
I share with you the some of the tips in making seedai that would make it easy for you.

Ingredients Needed:
1. Rice Flour - ( Wash 2 times and dry in a towel and dry grind into powder sieve and keep aside) 1 cup
2. Urad Flour - 1 tsp
3. Butter - 1 1/2 tablespoons
4. Salt to taste
5. Hing
6. Jeera - 1/4 tsp
7. Sesame seeds (Til) - 1/2 tsp
8. Grated Coconut - 2 tablespoons
9. Water to knead
10. Oil to deep fry
1. Fry Rice flour in a Kadai . (You should be able to draw lines with this flour)
2. After frying cool it, sieve and measure one cup.
3. Sieve Urad flour and add to the rice flour.
4. In this mixed flour add Jeera, Til, Salt, Hing, Butter and Grated Coconut.
5. Mix well with hands, sprinkle some water and knead .
6. Make small balls and dry it in a towel or paper for minimum 30mins.
7. Heat Oil in a deep Kadai.
8. Prick the rice balls once with a clean needle or toothpick to release the air content in it. [The air content is what makes the Seedai splutter.]
9. Slowly drop a handful of these balls into the Oil and fry till crisp.
10. Cool it and store in a Air-Tight Container.

1. Drying of Rice balls is important.
2. Never make the balls so round and smooth.
3. You can use store bought Rice flour too, though at times the colour of the Seedai may turn out little dark.
4. Roast Urad dal till golden brown ,powder and sieve it.


FH said...

MT, I made the same thing for Latha's event at Aroma for Janmashtami!:D
Your's looks lot better than mine though.Loved the snack:)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi, Din't know your name dear1 Your seedai is looking yummy and perfect! I am hosting the event for janmastami. May I invite you to participate!Thanks

Suganya said...

This is my fav....Nice picture.... great procedure...

Sreelu said...

MT, Oh I love these my mom adds very sour yogurt and curry leaves to this, I can go on eating these.mouth watering

Anonymous said...

Hi MT,

very neat tips as always:) I don't know how long you've been cooking but I must say the way you explain simple things is just like how our mothers instruct us... tips that'll always stay in mind and never fail. I admire you a lot, MT:) Happy krishnajayanthi celebrations to you and your family....

Sia said...

thanks for all the tips and instructions MT. i donno if i have enough patience to make this but i wouldn't mind finishing it all in one go:)

Sharmi said...

I love both the seedai. it looks so pretty and nice. have to bookmark this for krishna jayanthi.

Suganya said...

Both the seedai and the plate look very pretty.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
You always Rock!!!!! I will send this for latha's event. Thanks..

Hi Latha,
Thanks for the invitation.

Hi Sukanya,
Thanks for visiting.

If Possible post your version of recipe, I am eager to learn that. Thanks.

Hi latha,
To post I made some uppu and vella seedai, I will make again on krishna Jayanthi day!!! Thanks

Hi Supriya,
Thanks a lot. Keep visiting.

Hi Sharmi,
Thanks, when you try this please do let me know the outcome of it.

Hi Suganya,
Thank u so much. Keep visiting.

Krithika said...

Your uppu cheedai looks fabulous, L. I bet it tasted great too..Looks nice and golden...

Viji said...

Oh You made it in advance MT. Nice and perfect seedais. Viji

prabha said...

Hi MT,
Wonderful recipe.
Thank you very much.We made seedai today. They were crispy and tasty. Tomorrow is our baby son's first janmashtami:-) Glad that seedai turned out very well. Thanks again. Keep it going.

Anonymous said...

Hi MT,
Thanks for your recipe.I tried your recipe but with little modification.I used store bought rice flour instead of using fresh.Other than that i exactly followed your recipe.
My seedai turned out to be little soft.can you tell me what can the problem be?Awaiting your response so that next time i can make it perfect.Thanks in advance.

Menu Today said...

Hi Kirthika,
This time it came out very well. Thanks, keep visiting.

Hi Viji,
Thanks, just small batch I made for posting.

Sprinkle little water when you knead. Thanks for visiting.

Thava said...

I just follow your recipe of making seedai and they come out very good. Last year and this year too for gokulastami following this recipe only.. Thanksf for your wonderful tips.

vijaya ravichandran said...

Dear mam..
thank u so much.. I tried it... excellent results thank u so much. Yesterday i try seedai.. using different method but it spluttered.. after seeing ur recipe i tried it today, it comes ot very well thank u again. i will offer this wonderful neivedyam to my darling krishna.. thank u again