Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vella Pidi Kozhukkattai

Jaggery and Rice [Idli rice or Raw rice] makes this Traditional Sweet Snack.

Ingredients are for a measure of 10 Nos.
1. Raw Rice 3/4 cup
2. Jaggery 3/4 cup
3. Grated Coconut 2 tablespoons
4. Pinch of Salt
5. Water 2 cups
6. Ghee 1 tsp
7. Elaichi Powder
1. Clean the rice with a dry towel to remove the husk and dust, if any.
2. Dry roast in a pan till light brown.
3. Cool it and make a thin rawa consistency powder.
4. Mean time, soak jaggery in water and keep it aside.
5. Now filter the Jaggery water to remove the mud and dust. Let it boil in a pan.
6. Add Grated Coconut, Ghee, Salt, Elaichi powder and Rice Rawa. Mix thoroughly.
7. Close with a lid and cook for 5 minutes.
8. When it is still warm make oblong balls and steam it...

Traditional, Healthy Snack for a Festival day. *

1. If rice is not fried properly, the steaming will
* not cook the rawa properly.
2. If you are using Raw rice, no need to wash it.

This is My submission for JFI(Rice) hosted by Sharmi of Nivedhyam


FH said...

How beautiful!! This sweet is very new to me. Thanks MT, see you tomorrow. Announcing RCI K'taka at FH!:))

Sharmi said...

this looks very traditional and nice. thanks a lot for the lovely one. I am trying this sometime. well needless to bookmark it is going to be in my blog.

Chandrika said...

MT, that looks lovely! I love the combination of rice,coconut and jaggery...

Prema Sundar said...

Love pidi kozhukattais.. I usually make it with rice flour.Planned to make it for vinayaka chathurthi.
How was ur vacation.. hope u had a great time. Check my blog for the award..

Krithika said...

I have never tried this. Looks really good. Need to check with my mom if she ever made this :-)

Suganya said...

Kozhukkattai is my fav... Mouthwatering recipe....Ur Kozhukkattai is looking perfect...

Vcuisine said...

A nice entry MT. You always come up with our authentic ones. Viji

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Hope u had a nice and safe vacation.
See you soon in RCI (Karnataka).

Hi Sharmi,
Thanks a lot. please do let me know when you try this out.

Hi Chandrika,
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

swapna susarla said...

wow MT
my mouth is watering here.i guess it will be so good...MMMMMMM !!!!

Kay said...

heheee.... I started making poornam kozhukattai for last year villaiyar chaturdi and after a lot of trials, I ended up making vellam pidi kozhukattai - just mixed the pornam into the mel maavu and finished making them.

It was way too tasty - even better than poornam kozhukattai... so this is what I'll be making for this year pillaiyar chaturdi too - this time I'll be following your real recipe for it.

Menu Today said...

Hi Prema,

Thanks for the Award!!!! I am planning another trip during sep for a month. After that I will blog regularly!!!! Thanks

Hi Kirthika,
I am very happy to see your comment. I think your mother knows more about this dish. Thanks
Hi Sukanya,
Thanks a lot. I love this kozhukkattai with butter...

Hi viji,
I always prepare both sweet and Salt version of this pidi kozhukkattai for evening tiffin. Thanks for visiting my blog..

Hi Swapna,

Thanks for visiting my blog. When time permits try this, you will love it.

Hi Kay,
I am very happy to see your comment
Please do let me know the outcome of it. (Please fry the rice nicely)
It will never go wrong. Thanks

Latha Narasimhan said...

All these age old recipes are so tasty and healthy! Nice entry for the event!

Unknown said...

hi ,,,,

very authentic recipe,,ur blog is so authentic, & i visit often,, i tried many of ur recipes,,specifically jangari,, it came good for me too,,then i tagged u for MEME,,& eagerly waiting to know about u..

Menu Today said...

Hi latha,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep visiting.

Hi Sobila,
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

Suganya said...

I will gobble this down in one bite.