Thursday, September 13, 2007

Akki Roti(Rice Roti)

Traditional Kannadiga dish.
Roti made of Rice.

Ingredients Needed:
1. Rice flour (I had used Idiyappam Flour) - 1 cup.
2. Salt to taste.
3. Coriander - Finely chopped.
4. Grated Carrot
5. Grated Coconut 2 tsp
6. Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
7. Oil 1 tsp
8. Hot water to knead

1.In a bowl add Rice flour, Salt, Chopped Coriander Leaves, Grated Coconut, Grated Carrot and Cumin Seed.Mix them well.
2. Slowly add Hot water to knead the dough. (Like Chappati dough).
3. Apply little oil and Keep it aside.
4. Heat Dosa Pan. Dip your hand in water and take a small ball of and dough
spread in a pan like Chappati. Sprinkle some water on Roti, close with lid and cook.
5. Turn the other side apply some oil and cook for few minutes.
Enjoy this Traditional Kannadiga dish with Any Spicy Chutney.

Turn Kanndiga for a day or for this dish and its worth it.

Akki Roti Served with Gojju

This is my Submission of RCI (Karnataka) hosted by Asha of Foodieshope


Redchillies said...

Wow MT, you made my day. Akki Rotti is a favorite any time any day. Lovely entry

Roopa said...

looks deliicous and perfect MT :)my favourite weekend breakfast! great entry this is also called Thalipeet!

Vcuisine said...

That is an apt entry MT. Mine is on the way :) Viji

Menu Today said...

Hi Redchillies,
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hi Roopa,
Thanks for your information,I learned this dish from fellow bloggers. Thanks for visiting.

Hi Viji,
I am waiting for your RCI Entry. Thanks a lot.

Asha said...

YUMMY!! Yes,it is worth being a Kannadiga for a day for this!:))
Thank you,hope you are enjoying K dishes!

USHA said...

Hi MT,
Healthy rotti....i love to make this on lazy days...i use to put little crushed pepper and coconut bits.
Came some 2days back only, still feeling little jetlag and homesick too.Roambha santhosam unga messagekku...Neega eppaddi irrukegga?

Suganya said...

Yay MT! You are in Food Blog Desam. I can now visit you very often.

Linda said...

Hi MT, I want to be a Kannadiga too! Looking at your past 3-4 posts, I haven't been able to check blogs lately and I have missed so much here!! Everything looks wonderful, the saagu and the gojju with all those yummy chiles, the seedai and now this rice roti... what a fabulous assortment! And your photos, MT... really spectacular! You've always had lovely photos, but these are especially bright and colorful. Did you get a new camera, or do you have a new secret for photography? :)

Thanks for sharing all these. Definitely going to try one or all *soon*!

indosungod said...

Rice Roti with the Gojju looks great. I am afraid to make them thinking it will fall apart.

Daily Meals said...

Hi Menu Today,
Delicious akki rotis with gojju! I haven't tasted gojju. I will give it a try.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
We like all dishes, really we enjoyed it. Thanks Asha..

Hi Usha,
Next time I use crushed pepper, I used Grated coconut. Thanks, Naanum Chennai poren for a month.

Hi Suganya,
Thanks, keep visting.

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your kind words, I am using the same old camera. Just taking pictures during day light.
Please try any of these items, when time permits, you will really love them.

Hi Indo,
It happened to me, by practice it came out well.Thanks a lot.

Hi Daily Meals,
Please try this when time permits. Thanks for visiting.

Sreelu said...

MT, tried to make this last weekend, but for some reason they came out very hard, I think I did not coat with enough oil.Will try it again

Menu Today said...

Hi Sreelu,
While cooking sprinkle some water, this helps the roti to keep soft. Thanks for visiting

Sharmi said...

lot of akki rotis in blog sphere. I could never get it right. thanks for the stepwise pics. will try out.

Jeena said...

Your akki rotti looks wonderful Menu I love the pictures! Great recipe :)

Timepass said...

Wow, Akki Roti is my fav. I also like the crisp rotis cooked in the kadai (baandle).

Sia said...

guess blogger gobbled up my comment:( akki rotti has always been very special dish for me and yours have come out so wonderful and colourful.

Latha said...

This looks really yummy MT! I am hungry now, will make akki roti tonight for sure :-)