Monday, February 08, 2016

Apple Appam - ஆப்பிள் அப்பம்

Apple appam (ஆப்பிள் அப்பம்) is a Sweet dish.
Good evening snack for kids.
Quantity of sugar is less compared to other type of Appams.

ஆப்பிள் அப்பம்

Ingredients Needed:-
1. Apple 
2. Maida or wheat flour 
3. Sugar 
4. Cinnamon powder
5. Milk 
6. Ghee (to make appams) 
7. Salt a pinch
8. Cooking soda a pinch 


1.  Peel the skin and grate the Apples and measure it.
2. Add half portion of sugar and mix well and keep it aside for few minutes.
3. Now goes 2 measure of maida  or wheat flour, cinnamon powder cooking soda and salt mix well.

4. If it is very thick add little milk to make correct consistency.
5. Heat appam pan add ghee in it.

6. When ghee becomes hot pour the appam mix and cook. 
7. Flip the appams and cook the other side too.

8. Serve this appam hot or cold, either way enjoyable.
ஆப்பிள் அப்பம்
1. To get fluffier Appam, after mixing milk keep aside for 20 mins.
2. Here I added raw sugar, it can be replaced with jaggery or palm sugar.
3. Cinnamon powder gives a good flavour to this appam.
4. Finely chopped Apple pieces can be added and it makes it crunchy and nice to bite into.