Monday, February 01, 2016

Angaya Podi - அங்காய பொடி

Here is a traditional and forgotten item.

Angaya Podi - அங்காய பொடி is a feel good item, enhances taste buds and supposedly good for nursing mothers, comforts gastric problems etc., 
My mom was an expert in making this Podi.

Hing, sundakka vatral and sukku is good for gastric problems.
Dhaniya is good for Pittam and also tickles the taste buds.
Neem flower has anti oxidant properties  and pepper, jeera aids digestion.
Usually store bought Podi tastes bitter and is brown in colour, but my mom recipe is very flavourful with rich dark brown colour and less bitter.

Here goes the recipe 

Ingredients needed:-
1.    Sundakka vatral  - 1/2 cup
2.   Veppampoo dried  - 1 cup
3.   Dhaniya seeds - 3/4 cup
4.   Pepper - 2 tablespoon
5.   Jeera - 2 tablespoon 
6.   Channa dal - 3 tablespoon
7.   Urad dal - 4 tablespoon 
8.   Red chilli dried  - 20 nos 
9.   Hing - 1 tsp (here I used Katti Perungayam) 
10. Tamarind - little 
11.  Salt to taste 
12.  Jaggery  - little
13.  Dry ginger (sukku) few 

அங்காய பொடி

1. Heat kadai and dry roast each item separately.

2. Cool and powder it.
Store in a air tight container.

அங்காய பொடி

3. Mix this Podi  in hot rice by adding ghee or nalla ennai.

1. Neem flowers - Dark roast it so that its bitterness goes.
2. Sundakka - Crisp roast.
3. Hing - Use it generously and its better to use the Katti Perungayam or Hing block.