Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vazhappoo Vadai

Banana Flower is used very minimally used in Indian Dishes.
This is a Traditional and Kids friendly Dish.

/- Traditional South Indian Vada..
/- Lots of Fibre

1. Cleaned, Chopped and Steamed {Banana Flower} Vazhapoo 1 cup
2. Toor dal 1 cup
3. Channa dal 1/4 cup (Soak separately)
4. Green Chillies
5. Red Chillies to taste
6. Salt to taste
7. Cumin Seeds 1/2 tsp
8. Curry leaves
9. Chopped small onions 4 Nos
10. Chopped coriander leaves handful Method:
1. Soak Toor dal for 1 hour and grind it along with Green chillies, Red chillies, Salt and Cumin seeds in coarse consistency.
2. Add Curry leaves, Soaked Channa Dal, Steamed Vazhapoo, Chopped onion, Coriander leaves and mix thoroughly.
3. Check for salt.
4. Heat Oil in a kadai, make vada and deep fry in oil till golden brown and crisp.
\- Tea Time Snack
\- Different healthy vada.
My version is a little different from Sudha's.
1. For a Best taste use small Onions (shallots). Big Red onions can also be used.
2. For a different taste, Fennel seeds (Saunf) can be added.
3. Instead of Steaming, you can keep the flower in Boiled water+Turmeric poweder for about 5 mins. Then Drain the water and use

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Anonymous said...

Hi MT -- looks very tasty :) I see banana flower often in the store -- but have only cooked it once. I'll have to try again sometime.

FH said...

Looks wonderful,just like Masala vada but with a twist!:))

USHA said...

Wow! after seeing this i went out nostalgic....I can remember my mom prepares this often...
But i haven't tried this alone.
Thanks MT.

Latha said...

Yumm! The vadai's look delicious MT!

Anonymous said...

I prepare curry similar way but channa dal is used for tadaka. This is really good.

Sia said...

wow... i would give anything to have them... grrr...we dont get banana flowers here:( can u post me some?;)

Viji said...

Hi MT I went through from Puli Inji to VP Vadai. So nice. Especially vadas (as you said we rarely use this in spite of its benefits) are so crisp and the inji rasam and stuffed brinjals are really good. BB Muffins - just tempting to take. Very nice presentation as usual. Enjoy reading all your recipes. Viji

Mythreyee said...

You have shared a very traditional recipe. Let me see if I can get vaazhapoo in our grocery store. thanks for sharing the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Nice recipe using banana flower, MT. Looks good.

Sri said...

vazhapoo looks crisp...I could smell it..mmmm!

Bong Mom said...

Banana Flower is popular in bengali cuisine and we call it Mocha. But isn't it difficult to cut and clean ?
I remember that was the most tedious part when my Ma used to do it.

Vini K said...

Hi MT,I just bought banana flower last week and have yet to make anything from it.I have to try this one.Never heard of vadas using banana flower..BTW,thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

yum yum. You have brought back memories of childhood! Love this vadai. Thanks!

Priya said...

I over enthusiastically bought a vazhapoo when I saw it in an international market a few months back, and never got to use it :((. With school and assignments I hardly found time to clean the flowers and pulling off the stamen n all is a loot of work.. :-( It was so much easier helping amma do it, than doing the whole thing myself !!

Sumitha said...

Such a good recipe,every part of a banana plant is useful see,wonderful!

Menu Today said...

Hi Linda,
I Think u will love this. Try this when time permits. Thanks.

Hi Asha,
It is like masal vada with lots of fibre. Thanks.

Hi Usha,
You are welcome... Thanks.

Hi Latha,
Thanks for your kind words.

Hi Padmaja,
We make similar to yours and we call this as koottu.

Hi Supriya,
Surely I will send. Thanks

Hi Viji,
Happy to see you after your vacation.I wanted to try your koottu with banana flower.Thanks.

Hi Mythreyee,
Thanks a lot.

Hi Sailaja,
Thanks for your kind words..

Hi Sri,
Thanks, keep visiting.

Hi Sandeepa,
Happy to note that in all parts of India banana flower is used in cooking.It will take long time to clean. I always make this on weekends. Thanks.

Hi Vini,
Try this vade, surely you will like it. Thanks.

Hi Hema,
Thanks, keep visiting.

Hi Priya,
I know the difficulty, cleaning part consumes longer time than cooking. Thanks.

Hi Sumitha,
Yes, I agree with you.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi MT,

I have always made this type of vadai with channa dal (and it creates gas in our family). i made your recipe today with tuvar dal and it's utterly delicious... so crispy and i didn't know vadai with vazhaipoo is so tasty:) and your mysore rasam recipe completed our lunch... very satisfying. i've also told my mom to try paruppu vadai with tuvaram paruppu. thanks MT!

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