Saturday, February 03, 2007

Brussel Sprouts Vatha Kulambu

Vatha Kulambu using Brussel Sprouts.
Vatha Kulambu recipe is here.

Brussel Sprouts Vatha Kulambu


FH said...

Looks so appetizing MT! I made some dishes with Brussels sprouts too,they are like little Cabbages,aren't they?!:D Enjoy.

Manjula said...

Looks delicious. Never eaten Brussels sprouts yet. Guess its time now.

USHA said...

Hi MT,

I have seen many times this veggie.But never tried,as i don't knwo any item with it.

Now i got the idea and receipe, sure going to try it..

Lakshmik said...


Looks delicious. Now I have another recipe to use brussel sprouts. Thanks.

Krithika said...

Have been waiting for this recipe from you. Looks delicous !

Anonymous said...

Very nice, i have to say...not a sprout fan but your recipe looks lovely...i am tempted...~smile~...thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Hi MT -- this looks wonderful! I had never seen your original recipe for vatha kulambu. I must try soon -- thanks for sharing :)

Your ginger rasam with tomato looks delicious too!

Anonymous said...

I somehow never end up using brussles sprouts in my cooking !!!! But this looks yum!! :)

Sri said...

Never had this looks like is a easy one to make too...Looks delicious

Unknown said...

Vatha kuzhambu with brussels sprouts..interesting..looks delicious...

Shammi said...

wow, vatha kulambu with sprouts! Will try it asap - I love sprouts and vatha kulambu... so mixing the two just HAS to be fantastic! :) Thanks, MT!

Prema Sundar said...

I have tried a few recipes with brussel sprouts and though they turned out ok, I didnot like the taste of it.. But for a change I would like to cook it sometimes. Vatha kuzhambu with brussel sprouts sounds interesting to me..

Latha said...

Hey Menutoday,
This looks yummy! I usually make brussel sprouts poriyal (just like cabbage) but will give this delicious recipe a try next time.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
This kulambu tastes great!!!! Thanks for visiting.,

Hi Manjula,
Please try this and let me know. Thanks for visiting.

Hi Usha,
You can try this and my another dish brussel sprouts stew, or check for kirthika blog for curry. Thanks.

Hi Lakshmi,
Thanks, keep visiting.

Hi Kirthika,
Thank you so much..

Hi Dilip Sir,
You will like this dish. Try this when time permits. Thanks.

Hi Linda,

Hi Coffee,
Thank u so much.

Hi Sri,
Thanks for visiting.

Hi Maheshwari,
Thanks a lot.

Hi Shammi,
Please do let me know when you try this. Thanks..

Hi prema,
In vatha kulambu brussel sprouts tastes great, Thanks..
Hi Latha,
Please do let me know.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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